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On TV tonight: ‘Revolution’

NUP_149335_7320.JPG “Revolution,” 10 p.m. KSEE (Channel 24.1): You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little gun-shy about watching “Revolution.” Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept: a world without electricity. That makes it a modern-day western.

What worries me is getting involved with another series with a secret. There have been too many network shows in recent years based on some big secret that never got revealed because the program was canceled. That’s VERY frustrating.

If you decide to take the gamble and watch tonight, you won’t be disappointed. Giancarlo Esposito makes a great villain and Billy Burke an equally interesting hero. The key will be how Tracy Spiridakos, who plays the spunky teen hero at the middle of the story, grows into her role. That’s assuming it stays on the air long enough to find out.

Also starting tonight is “Mob Doctor,” the worst named show of the new season. All I can think about when I hear the title of the show that launches at 9 p.m. on KMPH (Channel 26.1) are the inane movies Susan Lucci use to make. That’s not fair because this is actually a decent show because of series star Jordana Spiro. If you can get past the goofy name, the show is worth a look.

Also, the new season of “Bones” begins at 8 p.m. tonight on KMPH.

Responses to "On TV tonight: ‘Revolution’"

Duke Basil says:

Hey Rick…my son worked on the pilot shown tonight…visual fx….I dvr’d because my wife is out of town and we will watch it later, together. I need to see if he was credited, like he was for this seasons TRUE BLOOD….

Rhys says:

I thought that the concept behind Revolution is a good one but in order for it to be good it needs to have a good story. This one is decent but smells like a mash-up of The Event, Lost, and a host of other shows in the same category. However, I’ve decided to give the show a shot and I’ve got my Hopper set to record the next few episodes. With 2,000 hours of recording time I don’t have to rush to watch what I’ve recorded. The characters in the show are pretty solid and the actors on this show are familiar with their craft. One of my Dish co-workers says that the show has potential to stick around if it just elaborated a little more on what caused the power to go out. It is a really good question that I’m sure anyone watching the pilot has asked and of course, Revolution is saving that secret as long as possible. The only problem with that concept is that viewers may get bored and stop watching which would be a bad thing. If the show is to stick around, it’s going to need to leave us some bread crumbs so we stay interested.