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On TV tonight: ‘Burn Notice’

burn notice.JPG “Burn Notice,” 9 p.m. USA Network: The worst thing about a cable series is that it often only has a short run of 10 episodes instead of the 22 shows in a network show’s season. It seems like only a few weeks ago new episodes of this first-rate spy series started and now the summer finale is on tap for tonight.

Former burned spy Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) and his team travel to Panama to track down the man who gunned down his brother. No mission on this show has ever been simple and what transpires during their trek sets up big events for the next season of new shows.

Although “Burn Notice” remains a solid series, it has drifted away from the original story line of Weston being a guardian for those who can’t get help anywhere else. Those self-contained stories have been replaced by long-running plots that aren’t as interesting.

Even with that change of direction, “Burn Notice” is always fun and tonight’s explosive episode is no different.

Responses to "On TV tonight: ‘Burn Notice’"

Gil Vasquez says:

Yes Rick, that is true about the show. I have Seasons 1-4 on DVD and now the story line is way off from what it was in the beginning. Kind of reminds me of House at the end