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Jonathan Kite puts accent on CBS comedy

101493_D0060b-1.jpg Actors like Jonathan Kite are the unsung heroes of comedies. You probably don’t even recognize his name, but if you watch the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls,” you’ve seen his work. He plays the lecherous short order cook Oleg.

Kite joins the long line of accent actors who aren’t necessarily the star of a scene but pop in to put an exclamation mark on the joke. It’s an art perfected by the likes of Christopher Lloyd on “Taxi,” Polly Holliday on “Alice” and Michael Richards on “Seinfeld.”

Kite says his character only works because the writers make his appearance in a scene feel organic. It’s not like he was added in after everyone was done.

While he’s not the star of the show, Kite works just as hard as “Broke Girls” Kat Dennings or Beth Behrs.

“When I am back in the kitchen, I’m actually doing something and not just waiting to come in,” Kite says. “People who have sat back there with me are amazed that I’m going through a routine I’ve worked out every single time.

“I’m not sitting back there because there’s not an organic nature to that. You have to be a part of what’s actually happening.”

It helps that Kite worked as a short order cook when he was in college.

Although Oleg says and does things that make him come across as a wild and crazy guy, Kite says he has never thought of the character as a stereotype because it would be unfair to the role and the audience.

It’s obvious as soon as Kite, a Chicago native, starts talking he doesn’t have the Eastern European accent he uses in the comedy. He likes that the character was written that way because it gives a variety to the show and feels organic to a series set in New York.

Along with his work on “2 Broke Girls,” Kite’s also been popping up in an AT&T commercial and guest starred on shows from “Raising Hope” to “Wizards of Waverly Place.” The CBS comedy is the first place where Kite has really had the opportunity to take his place in the line of accent actors.

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Sherry Gantwerker says:

Love you Jon! Michael & I are so proud of you. You are our 3rd son.