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Casting JLA movie would be a breeze

SR-FX-001r.JPG Variety is reporting Ben Affleck is in the running to direct a big screen movie based on the Justice League of America comic books. If you aren’t familiar with the JLA, it’s the DC Comics version of The Avengers and features heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and The Flash.

This film has been a rumor for years. Assuming it gets made soon, and there is an unlimited budget to hire the cast, here are the actors I would select to play the main characters.

Superman: I spoke to Brandon Routh recently for his role on the new CBS series “Partners.” He still looks like he could slip back into the Superman outfit with ease.

Batman: Jeffrey Dean Morgan already has super hero experience playing The Comedian in “Watchman.” He could bring a gruff tone to the role that would work against the All-American look of Superman.

Wonder Woman: I didn’t think of Jessica Biel as an action star until I saw her in “Total Recall.” She could bring a nice edge to the character.


Aquaman: Is there really anyone other than Michael Phelps who should handle the role?

The Flash: Ryan Reynolds was the name that kept popping up to play The Flash before he landed the role of Green Lantern in the big screen production. He couldn’t play the scarlet speedster any worse than he played Green Lantern.

Green Lantern: Many fans were pushing for Nathan Fillion to play Green Lantern before Reynolds got cast. The “Castle” star should finally get the chance.

Those are my initial choices. Who do you think should play the parts?

Responses to "Casting JLA movie would be a breeze"

Stephen says:

You didn’t think of Jessica Biel as an action star? Stealth? Blade: Trinity??

Why would you cast Reynolds as Flash when he’s already been Green Lantern? – then cast someone else as GL?

Christian Bale as Batman.
Reynolds as GL.
Aquaman is blond. Jeremy Renner is already Hawkman, so he’s out. So for looks-wise, Ryan Lochte makes more sense.
Superman is Brandon, good call there.
Flash should be Hayden Christiansen.