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Bryan Cranston checks out ‘Swamp People’

62nd Primetime Emmy Awards - Pressroom(2).JPG Bryan Cranston was excited when he heard three million watched the fifth season opener of his incredible AMC series “Breaking Bad.” That’s a huge number in the cable world nd becoming a big number with network ratings.

Then the reality of the viewing numbers hit him.

“It’s still half the number of people that ‘SWAMP PEOPLE’ gets,” Cranston says during an interview for his role in the feature film “Total Recall.”

Each time he mentions the name of the History Channel series, Cranston says it loud and very slowly as to draw attention to the type of reality program that is beating his much-heralded scripted show.

“Swamp People,” the highest rated cable program on Thursday nights, follows a group of Cajuns in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt alligators. That’s it. That’s the entire plot.

“I was curious to see what ‘SWAMP PEOPLE’ was all about. I found it and watched ‘SWAMP PEOPLE.’ I thought no wonder six million people watch ‘SWAMP PEOPLE.’ These are grown men in the South who catch fish with their hands,” Cranston says. “And, I thought that’s pretty badass.

“I don’t know how many fish you need to catch with your hands in order to garner six million people but it’s pretty impressive.”

Cranston’s show may not be getting the ratings of the reality program, but a host of Emmy Awards and numerous other accolades for “Breaking Bad” mean his series about a chemistry teacher turned meth maker is going to resonate long into TV history after “SWAMP PEOPLE” is gone.

Responses to "Bryan Cranston checks out ‘Swamp People’"

Michael says:

Great show! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are amazing actors; I’m currently in the middle of season 4.