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Lindsay Lohan takes on Elizabeth Taylor

LL- red dress.jpgMaybe it’s just me but I don’t think Lindsay Lohan was the right choice to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, “Liz & Dick.”

Don’t get me wrong. It makes perfect sense that she was picked to be in the made-for-cable offering as Lifetime will get huge ratings because the wild Lohan is attached to the project. My problem with her casting is the same I have when an actress is selected to play Marilyn Monroe. Both women are such iconic figures that no actress seems worthy of playing the parts.

The film also stars Grant Bowler as Richard Burton and is scheduled to air later this year on the Lifetime channel.

Here’s one of the photos the cable channel has released. Let me know if you think Lohan was a good pick or if you have a better suggestion on who should have played Taylor.

Responses to "Lindsay Lohan takes on Elizabeth Taylor"

ed says:

i think she will be fine. she showed early prowess as an actress, and her personal life has messed up her career more than her ability. so, we’ll see if she can cut it as an actress in this role. but, like you said, no actress is going to live up to the standards in your mind.