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Cameron Diaz interview a bust

CinemaCon 2012 Pioneer of t.JPG Cameron Diaz and I start talking about her breasts.

Let me be very clear — I didn’t pick the topic. It’s “Glee” star Matthew Morrison who brings up the subject when he says Diaz showed him her breasts during the filming of the new movie “What to Expect When You Are Expecting.” It opens May 18.

It wasn’t only Morrison who got a peek. Diaz showed everyone the special effects chest she was given for the role.

Diaz plays a fitness guru who, while appearing on a “Dancing With the Stars” type show, becomes romantically involved with her dance partner played by Morrison. That romance leads to a pregnancy. They are just one pregnancy story line of several in the film based on the best-selling book by Heidi Murkoff.

“Well, he got to see my prosthetic breasts, my pregnant breasts, which were really amazing. I was like, wow! Those are awesome!” says a VERY enthusiastic Diaz.

There was a problem. The movie shot last summer in the middle of a Georgia heat wave.

“In the Atlanta heat, I aged about 40 years by the end of two hours. They were literally hanging down to my hips! They were just drooping down. They were just melting off my body. It was really not attractive,” Diaz says.

The perky actress continues discussing the topic as she explains why a woman’s anatomy changes with passing years. Diaz goes into great detail of how she’s watched women in other countries who could breastfeed the babies strapped on their backs and continue to work.

It’s at that point I notice Anna Kendrick, who also stars in the film. Her face has turned ashen as she listens to Diaz talk. Kendrick can thank Morrison for such a revealing dialogue by Diaz.

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Gil Vasquez says:

Sounded like an interesting (and humorous) interview :)