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Toys bring Nicholas Sparks to tears

TS3.JPG Many of you won’t admit it, but you probably have shed a tear while reading a Nicholas Sparks book or seeing one of the movies adapted from his works. No one really believed you were having an allergy attack while seeing “The Notebook.”

The guy knows how to make you cry. He’s at it again with the release of “The Lucky One,” the feature film starring Zac Efron that opens Friday. That’s why I thought I would turn the tables on him and ask which film has brought him to tears.

” ‘Toy Story 3′,” Sparks tells me without hesitation. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that answer.

Sparks explains that his oldest son was 3 years old when he saw the first “Toy Story.” It was the first movie the young moviegoer sat through from beginning to end. The author clearly recalls how much his son was laughing at the end of the film when Buzz and Woody are going through their antics.

Fast forward 15 years to “Toy Story 3.” The animated film looks at what happens when Andy gets to the age where he’s headed off to college and leaves his toys behind. It was hard for Sparks to hold back the tears as he thought about his own son heading off to college.

As a matter of full disclosure, there are two movies that always give me “allergy attacks” — the baseball film “Field of Dreams” and “Somewhere in Time,” one of the greatest love story movies ever made.

What movie always makes you cry?

Responses to "Toys bring Nicholas Sparks to tears"

Michael says:

Of course toys brings Sparks to tears. Such a genius marketer, and now, his readership will span generantions (which it already does), but the toy story (pun intended), will guarantee the sappy writer a place at our table forever! Now, all Nicholas Sparks needs to do is say he cries at Monster Truck events–be still my heart!

Ray Arthur says:

The end of “Doctor Zhivago” where they pass in the street and he dies without reconnecting.
Oh yeah, and that Three Stooges short where they get blown up. No, not that one; the other one. No, no, the other one.