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‘Bully’ on schedule to be shown here

Town Hall 2.JPG “Bully,” the documentary film that has been at the middle of a heated battle over being given an R rating for language, will play in at least one local theater.

Caleb Dix, assistant film buyer for the SR Entertainment Group, owners of Sierra Vista 16 in Clovis, says that as soon as the film is made available to this market, it will be added to the local theater complex schedule. The movie opens in New York and Los Angeles Friday and then slowly will be moved out to smaller markets.

Upset the film was given the R rating, the distributor, The Weinstein Co., will release the movie with no rating. That generally means it is to be treated like a movie with an NC-17 rating which means and no one under the age of 18 – the key target group of the film – should be allowed into the theater.

Dix says that because the film is a special situation, the company will make a decision before the screening in Clovis as to how theater managers should deal with young moviegoers.

“Remember, the ratings are not law but just a guideline,” Dix says.

Regal Movie Theaters, owners of the majority of screens in Fresno, didn’t return my calls.

Responses to "‘Bully’ on schedule to be shown here"

Ruth Ratzlaff says:

Good for the courage of the theater chain. I saw the preview last weekend. It won’t be comfortable to watch, but necessary. The story on NPR this morning suggested that the film wouldn’t be seen broadly. I’m glad that was wrong.