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Lindzi Cox doesn’t win ‘Bachelor’s’ heart


In case you missed it, Lindzi Cox, the 27-year-old who was a member of the equestrian team at California State University, Fresno, did not win the heart of Ben Flajnik on the ABC reality competition show “The Bachelor.” On the season finale Monday night, Flajnik sent Cox packing and proposed to bachelorette Courtney Robertson.

The finale was like watching Prince Charming dumping Cinderella in favor of one of the mean stepsisters.

Cox was one of the sweetest players in the competition and played the game fairly. Robertson was just the opposite. I guess that says something about Flajnik. And speaking of the Bachelor, am I the only one who thinks he looks like Shemp Howard from the Three Stooges?

The last thing Cox said to Flajnik before he put her on the helicopter to Brokenheartsville was that if things didn’t work out with Robertson, he should call her. If this decision by Flajnik is any example of how he runs his life, Cox would be wise to change her telephone number.

I will chat with Cox later today about her experiences on the show. You can see what she has to say in Thursday’s Fresno Bee.

Responses to "Lindzi Cox doesn’t win ‘Bachelor’s’ heart"

Howard says:

Vapid stuck up chicks are a dime a dozen here, im glad she lost.
There’ll be another j-off from here on another reality show soon, dont worry everybody.

sarah says:

who cares? total trash tv. the producers cast people who have major psych problems. it is what makes the show totally dysfunctional. people who aren’t on meds dont go on these shows. they are too busy with their jobs and life.