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Fate of several FOX shows in question

3shot-pool_1905_comp_rc.JPGTCA Winter Tour: Here are a few highlights from FOX’s President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly:

On the decision of whether or not “House” will end after this year: “I think we have just been avoiding it, to be honest with you. It’s hard to imagine the network without ‘House.’”

As to the future of “Terra Nova”: “I don’t know. We’ve done a good job of avoiding some of these big decisions until after the session. It was an exciting bet to take, and I think it’s proven that it was worthwhile. There were 14 new dramas on the network schedules this year. Most of them have come and gone. It’s the second-highest-rated drama. It is one of the highest-rated new shows of the season. There is a distinct audience that has stuck with that that enjoys it. You know, the perception of it kind of got away from us at a certain point. It was pretty obvious the bar was set enormously high.”

His expectations for “American Idol” this year: “My gut is, based on the way the shows are positioned right now, and the way ‘Idol’ is tracking, I expect ‘Idol’ will be down this season, but mostly due to the fact it’s going to be an 11 year old show. It’s going to be a natural life cycle for that show.”

Spending $1 billion a year to keep NFL football through 2022: “It’s very hard to imagine the network without the NFL. I’m very glad we have it. Our network is making money.”

The future of “Allen Gregory”: “We will not be making any more ‘Allen Gregorys. You know, Jonah – we had a great experience with him. He’s a great guy. We’re in business with him. He’s got a live action comedy with us. And we’re going to be doing more shows with Jonah. ”

Whether “Fringe” will stay or go: ” ‘Fringe’ has been a point of pride. I share the passion for the show that the fans have. I love the fact that FOX, after letting down some of the genre fans over the years, put one on. I love the fans, that they stuck with it and went to Friday night with us. It’s vastly improved our Friday night. The hesitation in my voice is that it’s an expensive show. We lose a lot of money on the show. We’re not in the business of losing money. So we really do have to sit down with that entity as well and figure out is there a number at which it makes sense, or will this be it? I do not want to drop the ball at the end and let the fans down. Please don’t start the letter writing campaign right now, everybody. I can’t take it.”

Responses to "Fate of several FOX shows in question"

Christy says:

Argh! I just got into Fringe over the holidays and am totally hooked. Have watched all 3 seasons and almost caught up to current episode. I will be truly disappointed if they cancel this show. As a die hard sci-fi fan, I am sick to death of my favorite shows being cancelled (i.e., Firefly, 4400, Flash Forward, Caprica, Stargate Universe, V, The Event, Eureka, etc.) Other noteworthy cancellations: Legend of the Seeker and Men of a Certain Age.

As for Terra Nova, I haven’t seen that one yet…but it’s next on my list! If I end up liking it, I have no doubt it will get cancelled.

Lisa Ovalle says:

I really miss V

Claire L says:

NOOOOOO!!!! NOT FRINGE!!!! I haven’t loved a show this much since The X-Files…..and it makes The X-Files dead to me!

FresnoDick says:

The Allen Gregory show was annoying, disgusting, and totally laugh-free. It’s disconcerting that they still plan to do business with him (a cartoon character?) After the Simpsons, Fox has been unable to come up with any animated series that appeals to intelligent people. (King of the Hill came close).