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Kristen Stewart nervously talks to the press

TSBD-000068R.JPG Kristen Stewart is what I call a nervous interview. I’m not quite certain why, but the star of the “Twilight” movies always looks like she’s waiting ton get a blindfold before she steps in front of the firing squad when she talks to the press.

She’s constantly starting sentences and then changing thoughts in the middle. And she brushes the hair off her ear so much it’s a wonder she does have a bald spot.

Some actors are just like that. They are more comfortable when they can slip into a character and deliver lines others have written.

Stewart’s just a nervous interview. Take a simple question like comparing her role as Bella to playing Snow White in the feature film being released next year. This is exactly how she answered.

“Yeah, I mean I guess – I guess the only actual comparison that I – I guess, yeah, yeah, I guess a million could be drawn – but, the one thing that sticks out in my mind is that they really both are, in different ways, matriarchs, very strong, strong matriarchs – um – that need to find that position. And you see the whole process. But, it’s so different,” Stewart says. “And, they both being icons – um – it’s funny, Snow White was really never – I didn’t grow up on fairy tales. I mean, I know everyone says, ‘the reason this thing is so cool is because we’ve all grown up with this story and it’s a retelling.’ I was like ‘no, not really. I didn’t’ – um – and I also didn’t grow up with the ‘Twilight’ thing.

“So, for me, these things are being like sort of put on these characters right as I’m – right as I think, ‘wow this is important’ – everyone goes ‘that’s important!’ And it’s like, ‘OK, cool.’ And so, I’ve gotten really lucky on that level. I didn’t, I didn’t know going into either of these things necessarily. I mean, I know Snow White, obviously more so than ‘Twilight,’ was expected to be, you know, more important to people probably because they know it. But, yeah, I know.”

She might know, but I am not sure what she said. It just made me nervous.

Responses to "Kristen Stewart nervously talks to the press"

Heather P says:

This is a little psychobabbly of me, but being inexplicably drawn into the world of Twilight- certainly not for its oh-so-rich writing, it’s wonderfully complex plot, or its finely drawn characters- I’ve had to break Bella down a little bit to understand her appeal. And I think it is this:

She’s a blank. A cipher. She’s a tabula rasa upon which the other characters and the readers project themselves to understand themselves. It would appear that Kristen Stewart is perfectly cast.

Joy says:

Heather P: Nail. Head. BAM! You win.

Christy says:

I’ve always felt the same thing about her. She always seems/acts nervous in real life. Oh well, they (actresses) can’t all be graceful/classy/poised.