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Ray Appleton returns to local airwaves

ray appleton.JPG Because so many of you have asked about Ray Appleton, here’s a preview of my Thursday column that deals with the recent medical problems for the local veteran radio personality.

The KMJ (AM 580) midday talk show host was off the air two-and-a-half weeks because of being hospitalized for kidney failure and brain swelling. He returned to work on a limited basis Tuesday where he will continue to do is weekday talk show but will cut back on other projects.

Appleton says he had not felt well for a couple of months. It was during his participation in the Civil War reenactment at Kearney Park on Oct. 21 and 22 where he became so weak and delusional that he had to be hospitalized.

I just talked to him and Appleton’s optimistic that everything is OK now.

Responses to "Ray Appleton returns to local airwaves"

chicali says:

Loud-mouth Douchebag with a douchebag tattoo…

Ray is Mr. Fresno, probobly one of the most infuential people in Fresno, perhaps as popular as Al Radka or Gus Zernial. says:

Thanx for the update.
Please convey my warm wishes and hope for a speedy recovery to Ray.
Bob Cargill

jtdiego says:

Since when is Ray Appleton being “weak and delusional” anything out of the ordinary?

Stephen says:

Ray Appleton is selfish, egomaniacal, narcissistic and has a Napoleon Complex.

And yet I still wish him the very best for a speedy recovery. I have worked with him and alongside him on a couple of projects and while he’s all the above, you can’t deny his talent or ratings ability on the air.

However I’m sure even he wouldn’t mind the funny jokes about him. He does have a sense of humor, as long as you acknowledge his brilliance and address him as “King Ray of Fresno.”

Get well, Ray. You douche.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Good to have Ray back…He is a part of Fresno, and he really is a homey…He cares about this city…wish more people did like him. He has the gift of gab and is the best at it. Hope all is well. Hang in there Ray

Namrats says:

I cant believe all the ugliness posted. The guy probably almost died, cut him SOME slack. Assuming that some of it is true (i dont know him) he has done MORE good for this city than all of you put together in your brief lifetime.
Yes he is right up there next to Guz Zernail and AL Radka…
I wish him the best with his health …

Miss C. says:

Really glad to have Ray back!! Now I’ll listen to KMJ’s morning show again as well as his talk show. We missed him

Mike F. says:

Brain swelling? Yep, that does go with his swollen head syndrome, topped only by Al Smith. At any rate, to be charitable, the best to you Ray. As long as you have survived at one radio station, you must be doing something right. Exactly what, I am at a loss to say.

common_sense says:

I wonder if a few of these posters chime in when KMJ takes flak for supposed “hate speech”?

jackrodwell83 says:

lol look at that cosmetic surgical face. what a narcacist

Chase Sanborn says:

I’m with you, Stephen. I hope his ailment is short-lived. A daily humility pill might be needed. I only believe 10% of what he claims. He’s the Prince of Prevarication.
But again…God Bless you, Raymundo.

Mark Estrada says:

Even though i cant stand the sound of your voice, your condescending attitude to your fellow citizens who don’t share your ideology and hate mongering…i do hope you recover and are not suffering any longer…maybe it’s a good time for you to retire…

Mark Estrada says:

time to retire…spreading hate and propaganda are bad for your health…regardless, i wish you a speedy recovery…

James Helton says:

The hateful comments are so typical of the intolerant, self absorbing, lazy liberals.
I am glad Ray is doing well. Please continue on Ray and I wish you a healthful life.