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Paul Swearengin ending radio show


UPDATE: Here’s more info, from The Bee, on the end of Swearengin’s show. Still no word on who will replace him.

ORIGINAL POST, 9/12: Paul Swearengin announced today that his morning radio show, heard on KFIG (AM 1430), will end this week.

He says he will continue to do special assignments for the local sports talk radio station but will focus more time on church work.

Swearengin started covering local sports while at Fresno State in the late ’80s. He joined KFIG after working for KSEE (Channel 24.1). He’s been the host of “Dog Talk” and an announcer for Fresno State Baseball.

He’s married to Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin.

Responses to "Paul Swearengin ending radio show"

mdub420 says:

any idea on who’s going to fill this air time? i enjoyed the Brian Noe show when he was on 1340 a few years ago. He would always talk NFL, and since it’s the season, i think he would be great. I remember after Clear Channel let him go, Guy had him on his afternoon show, and Brian was great.

Rick Bentley says:

I have left several messages for Paul. I’ll update the blog as soon as he calls me.

Stephen says:

I usually listen to FoxSports in the am for Jim Rome.

One day Rome had this amazing guy sitting in – couldn’t figure out who he was, but his talk was right on-topic, he took a call (which Rome rarely does), and then his analysis was also right on. AND he was funny.

I finally realized I was listening to ESPN and Paul. Sounded completely like a national show. I started listening to him much more after that. He’ll be missed, but it’s completely closer to his heart to do his church work. I’m sure Paul has had many opportunities to work larger markets, but he’s pretty dedicated to his family. Absolutely one of the great guys alive.

Meanwhile I can’t for the life of me figure out why Brian Noe isn’t on the air. I do know I don’t think he works well alone…he needs a ‘straight man’ to work with, someone who can offer opinions but who knows to get out of Brian’s way. Brian should be a national guy also.

pk says:

We were lucky to have such a talent here for sports-talk–Good luck to him, wishing him the best.

FSDogs1 says:

The last thing we need in the market is a local show that tries to be like a national show. There is tons to talk about locally, tons of Fresno State sports chatter and interviews to be had.

We already have syndicated national shows to choose from all day (Cowherd, Rome, Gottlieb, Mike/Mike, Petros). Why do we want another one? I certainly don’t. I want to hear about Fresno sports, an hear interviews of local athletes and coaches.

soddruntlestuntle says:

Because just what this valley needs is more people doing church work… always enjoyed Paul’s show, he will be sorely missed.

Derek says:

First, I wish Paul the best. I have met him at some kids sports events.

I didn’t listen to his show. I cannot say it was good or bad as far as content goes. (I take that back. When I moved to Fresno a few years ago, I would sometimes catch his conversation with Kelly Carr. That was pretty good.)

The reason I didn’t listen to the show was because of ESPN 1430 and 790. The audio quality of the local show ranged from terrible down to awful. It was unlistenable. Sometimes, it was dead air. It reeked of amateurism.

If Paul’s show is replaced with another locally produced program, please hire some radio engineers to get the sound and equipment working right.

Blame Clear Channel or no? says:

Church? Really? Thats like when all these artists such as Jewel And Kid Rock…>Their type of music was a one hit wonder…so what do they do? Turn Country! Just ask Darius Rucker what I mean…..

Same goes for ole Paul here. I guess he saw the writing on the wall….No ratings in terrestrial radio anymore unless its Spanish format. 22 million sirius/xm subscribers

So what would you do? I’d pray to God for my hide too. But hey his wife is a real popular and successful Mayor… cough cough… im sure they both have nothing to worry about in the near future. God gots their backs!!! yo yo yo lol

Michael says:

I would love for Noe to come back to the airwaves. Not sure if he is suited for morning talk but I am sure he would adjust. Him and Andre had good chemistry the times they appeared together, so that could work. Andre had a bit more local knowledge as well.

ChiAli says:

Brian Noe is doing radio in New York–still running the same shtick and still on top of the NFL.

Don’t expect a new local show to move in. Mike/Mike is ESPN’s best show and will fill the slot most likely.

Rico says:

The show itself was just okay I could never listen to it for more than 5 minutes or so. I thought that “Mano y Mano” think was ridiculious and there would be many techinical difficulties associated with the program as well…