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It’s been a strange week for Chris Colfer

ENTER SAG-AWARDS 7 LA.JPG It’s really been an interesting week for “Glee” star Chris Colfer. The local actor picked up his second consecutive Emmy nomination yesterday. He’s one of the contenders in the best supporting actor category for “The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.”
Colfer earned the Emmy nomination for the role created for him by executive producer Ryan Murphy.

What Murphy gives, he can take away.

Murphy said in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith will not be back after this year. He’s doing this because they started on the show as sophomores and they will graduate this year.

Colfer heard the news via Twitter. Twitter!? Really?

He told “Access Hollywood” that he expected something like this was going to happen because he couldn’t remain a high school student forever.

Actually, Colfer’s the one actor on the show who could stay longer. He still looks 15 years old. But, Murphy’s made his decision and it’s a bad one. He’s never going to strike instant acting gold like he did with Colfer.

At least Colfer’s smart enough to have already made deals to write and work in movies. He’s going to be fine. I can’t say the same thing for “Glee.”

Responses to "It’s been a strange week for Chris Colfer"

Ashley says:

I love Chris Colfer. I wish I went to school with him so he could be my gay best friend. Unfortunately, one of my homophobic family members went to school with him and was probably one of the jocks that made fun of him.

ahmward says:

The first season of Glee was IMO outstanding, but this past season lacked the same luster other than the character Gweneth Paltrow portrayed. Rick, the talent should be there for other actors. It is just a matter of the producers finding it.

pk says:

Very true…..
Lea and Cory look much older and Chris could be there for a couple of more years and still fit…
Glad to hear he is parlaying this into more work…and turn this into the beginning of a long and successful career!