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David Strathairn proves a point

Golden Globes.JPG Years ago, I got into a discussion with several fellow critics about which beat was better – film or TV – when it comes to celebrity interviews. Movies attract bigger stars but there are more actors working in TV. The final winner was TV because while not every TV actor will make a movie, most film stars will work in TV.

The latest proof is Oscar-nominee David Strathairn who will star in the upcoming Syfy cable channel series “Alphas.” It’s the “X-Men” if they had to live in the real world.

Strathairn’s worked in TV but with films like “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “Good Night, and Good Luck” “L.A. Confidential,” “The Firm,” “Sneakers” and “The River Wild” on his resume, he’s best known as a film star.

The San Francisco native agreed to star in the cable series because it’s a different acting challenge.

“Well, having done a lot of theater and a fair amount of film, this landscape offers, I think, something in particular in the way a character can be explored. All the creators are talking about it being not necessarily an episodic A plus B equals C, but more of an A plus G equals maybe a different letter,” Strathairn says.

He goes on to say that the process of developing a character that has infinite possibilities but is grounded in a very complex starting point is something he finds exciting.

And that’s why a film star would agree to be on a TV show.

Responses to "David Strathairn proves a point"

klin says:

Funny, I thought heroes was about x-men if they had to live real life.