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On TV tonight: ‘Fringe’

anna torv.JPG “Fringe,” 9 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): The evil twin TV gimmick has been used for years, but this series has given it a fresh look.

This season of the sci-fi program continues to deal with what happens after very competent and caring government agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) ends up switching places with her more aggressive alternate from an alternate universe.

The twist is that the good Olivia is getting treatments to give her the memories of the other Olivia. I know it sounds complicated, but the storyline is addictive.

TV Note: In one of the strangest moves of the new TV season, the Fox Network has ordered a full season of the little-watched “Raising Hope.” I always thought there was no “Hope” for this show.

The future of the NBC series “Outlaw” doesn’t look as bright. Production of new episodes has been stopped and if the show doesn’t attract more viewers, it will be canceled.

Responses to "On TV tonight: ‘Fringe’"

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

My wife and I enjoy Raising Hope…we didnt like The Middle at first…and it grew on us…this one got us by the second show. Goofy and funny and Cloris