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Colin, Tom Hanks make TCA visits

code58_08-cbrick_1200_djrV1F.JPGWith parents like Tom Hanks and producer/actress Samantha Lewes, there must have been some wise words for Colin Hanks about Hollywood over Thanksgiving dinner.

The best advice he got was very simple.

“They told me to show up on time, know my lines and hit my marks,” Colin Hanks says.

He’s putting those words of wisdom to good use in the new Fox buddy cop comedy “The Good Guys.” He and Bradley Whitford play mismatched cops who accidentally solve big crimes.

His father was at the TCA Awards ceremonies a few days ago to pick up the top honor for “The Pacific.” Hanks showed a real knowledge of Fresno asking about how the McClatchy paper was doing, discussing the heat and even showing some geographical knowledge.

“Don’t they call Fresno the gateway to Visalia?” Hanks says with a smile.

Responses to "Colin, Tom Hanks make TCA visits"

Heather says:

I love Tom Hanks. If Tom Hanks ever pulls a Mel Gibson, I just won’t want to go on.

Unrelated: Colin was good as the guitar-playing priest on “Mad Men.”