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A little fashion knowledge is good

REASER.JPGMost interviews for new movies take place in Los Angeles hotels. So it’s never a surprise to end up in an elevator with a celebrity and a gaggle of publicists. Is it gaggle? Maybe a group of publicists should be called a pack.

I was joined on an elevator at the Four Seasons by Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Esme Cullen in the “Twilight” movies. She was wearing a dress I first thought had been painted on but then realized it was far tighter than that.

There were so many publicists – all female – with her that eventually Reaser was pushed so close to me, I was dangerously close to an exclusive.

The Four Seasons elevators move slow enough for Stephen King to write four novels by the time they reach the top floor. An uncomfortable silence set in because publicists don’t like to talk in front of reporters in fear they will say something tabloid worthy.

I’d noticed Reaser was wearing what I was pretty certain were a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I leaned over and said to her, “Nice shoes.”

“Thank you,” she gleefully said over her shoulder.

“My wife told me to always notice the shoes,” I offered back.

“She’s taught you well,” Reaser said over a chorus of “yeahs,” “that’s rights” and “so smarts” from the publicists.

Responses to "A little fashion knowledge is good"

Stephen says:

Smart man, Rick.

Isn’t she just about the best looking woman you’ve ever seen?

As is typical, much shorter than you’d think, but sooooo good looking.

crystals says:

Wow! Elizabeth Reaser?! That’s so awesome!

Rick Bentley says:

Yes it is. Please don’t let my bosses know, but I really have a great job.

Jody Murray says:

Only four novels? Steph-o is slowing down…

Funny stuff, Rick.

Cute! I meant to ask you, did the poor woman even get one line in “Eclipse?”

FresnoDan says:

Rick, I envy you … I guess she is as gorgeous live and up close as on screen, eh ? good story–invite her to Fresno !