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ABC renews six series

118554_685.JPG Paul Lee, President, ABC Entertainment Group, has just announced at the TV critics meetings that the comedies “Cougar Town,” “The Middle” and “Modern Family” have been renewed and will be back next year. The dramas “Castle,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” also will be back.

He says these shows fall under the ABC brand that “combines smart with heart.”

He’s right about five of the shows. But, “Cougar Town” has not been a ratings hit.

Lee says the reason the Wednesday night comedy will be back is that ” ‘Cougar Town’ has found a distinct voice. We are pleased with it.’”

No decision has been made on other shows including “Detroit 187.” Lee’s a fan of the series but wishes it had generated more viewing numbers. It will be two or three months before all of the decisions are made. Look for more comedies as Lee would like to eventually expand to two or three nights for the shows.

Responses to "ABC renews six series"

pk says:

Couldn’t belive that list contained
‘Cougar Town’….
And BTW…you were right-on on the new Fox animated
comedy ‘Bob’s Burgers’….
Tried to watch it, was…just…bad!
Grating voices, infantile jokes, nonsensical dialogue….wow, just take-your-breath-away bad.

Rick Bentley says:

“Cougar Town” is the new “According to Jim.”

pk says:

omg….just hope it doesn’t get enough episodes to be in eternal afternoon re-runs!! (though that might be the target audience)

Natali says:

It’s funny, we LOVE Modern family, which I believe is on right before Cougar Town (if not some other show we DVR and watch regularly is before it). Our DVR is set to record two minutes after the shows end, so we inevitably end up watching 2 minutes of Cougar Town and ya know, we’ve never been left wanting more? 2 minutes is always enough.