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‘Being Human’ features ghastly trio

NUP_141125_0041.JPG Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A werewolf and vampire are hanging out with a pretty – but brooding – young woman. No. It’s not one of the “Twilight” movies. This supernatural trio take up residence in the same house in the new Syfy Channel series “Being Human.”

It debuts at 9 p.m. Jan. 17.

Some of you might think the new series sounds an awful lot like a BBC America offering about a werewolf, ghost and vampire. Give yourself some “Ghostbuster” points. The Syfy series is based on the British show.

Don’t skip the new show just because you saw the six episodes in the first season of the British “Being Human.” The American version follows a similar trajectory but there are 13 episodes instead of six and that meant the show’s creators could do more original stories.

As for what sounds like similarities to “Twilight,” executive producer and writer Jeremy Carver says the big difference is how grounded this cable series is.

“It’s set in an urban environment where our characters are all living double lives but very, very real lives,” Carver says. “They’re in Boston. They’re working as a nurse, as a police lieutenant. There’s a certain grittiness and realism to the show that I think immediately peels our show off in terms of comparisons.”

The show’s other executive producer and writer, Anna Fricke, adds what makes “Being Human” unique is the character-based relationships. The interaction between the characters is what the producers are banking will make the series attractive to those who don’t know a lycanthrope from a strigoi.

Fans of the genre will certainly recognize the cast. Sam Witwer, who plays the vampire, has starred on “Smallville” and “Battlestar Galactica.” Sam Huntington, the werewolf, has “Superman Returns” on his list of credits while and Mark Pellegrino, a bad vamp, was on “Lost”and “Supernatural.”

Meaghan Rath, your friendly neighborhood ghost, is rather new to the genre.

The similar backgrounds may explain why the cast clicked from the first day.

Sam Witwer says, “The chemistry thing was very strange, because we all bonded with each other immediately and somehow knew how to work with each other. Somehow understood where each performance was meant to sit in relation to each other. And we also like each other quite a bit.”

If that bond keeps the show on the air for a long time, Huntington may not survive. He has to go through hours of makeup to make the transformation from his human to werewolf form.

It starts with five hours of work just to put the hair, makeup and prosthetics on his chest and back. That’s the first part of the transformation and has to be done while standing.

“You can’t sit, because they’re gluing it to your whole torso. So that sucked. And then and the face was another two hours and the hands are, like, 45 minutes. And then, beyond that, the paint is very extensive.” Huntington says.

But it’s all part of the latest story of how the supernatural can make for strange roommates.

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jankynola says:

I LOVE this show on the BBC. I hope it does not disappoint on SyFy!!