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Natalie Portman at a loss for words

Golden Globe Awards - Show(2).JPG Actors tend to have a problem talking about award nomination. They want to appear humble to show just how honored they are to be put in the running. At the same time, they want to show enough excitement to get across how they haven’t become blasé about such attention.

Natalie Portman struggles to find the right words to discuss all of the attention she’s been getting for “Black Swan.” Her work as the tormented ballerina already has won her a Golden Globe and should earn her the biggest nomination an actor can get – an Oscar nod.

I think its obviously a big honor,” says Portman, who can be seen in the romantic comedy “No Strings Attached” starting Friday. “The company in which it puts you to even be mentioned among these women is a huge, huge honor. It’s extremely flattering and meaningful to be among these people I respect an admire.”

It looks like a lock but Portman will know for sure early Tuesday morning if she’s picked up her second Oscar nomination.

Responses to "Natalie Portman at a loss for words"

mdub420 says:

I’m at a loss for words whenever I set my eyes on Ms. Portmann.

katbon says:

This may sound like a cheesy question, but is she as beautiful in real life as she is on screen? And please tell me she’s nice. Obviously I like her and wonder if all I see and hear is true.