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UPDATE: You can win tickets to see ‘Rango’

RANGO.JPG The winners have been randomly selected to get the tickets to see the early screening of “Rango.” They include commenters Paul, Monica, Mike, Kyle and John. Thanks for participating and keeping watching for the next ticket giveaways.

Original post: Howdy partners. You say you got a hankering to see the new film “Rango.”

It doesn’t matter if you are as tickled as a lightning bug in a bottle of sarsaparilla about how Johnny Depp provides the voice of Rango, how the movie takes shots at spaghetti westerns or you just never miss an animated movie, this is your lucky day.

We want to give you a chance to be ahead of the movie posse who’ll have to wait until March 4 to see the movie. We’re giving away tickets to the 7 p.m. March 1 screening of the animated movie at the Edwards Fresno Stadium theaters, 250 Paseo del Centro.

Five winners will get four reserved seats to see the early screening. These are reserved tickets, so you won’t be herded like cattle into that long line but are guaranteed great premium seats.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve got some promotional items for the five winners.

All you have to do to is leave a comment telling us whether you like animated or western movies better.

The five winners will be randomly selected from all of the commenters. You have until 4 p.m. Thursday to enter. Check out the pesky rules and regulations below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Five winners will be picked at random. To be eligible, a commenter must not have won a prize on in the previous 30 days. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "UPDATE: You can win tickets to see ‘Rango’"

Fausto Garcia says:

i like animated films, not so much western, but i think i’d enjoy animated westerns!

Jennifer Criswell says:

Spaghetti Westerns, the worse the better!

DAVe Avila says:

I would love to win. Pick me!

Derek says:

While I’m a fan of both, I think I like Westerns better. Only because they’re less frequent and not taken for granted in this day and age of multiple animated offerings.

Heather Malotke says:

As a family with 2 kids, animated movies win hands down. :)

Andy says:

I like western movies better

Kristy says:


Amy says:


I’m in for the Western. It is the only genre in film that America can claim. Yet, it was mastered by the Italians. So, being an Italian-American, I take undeserving pride that the Spaghetti Western was not only entertaining, but artistic. What would John Ford and Federico Fellini name their baby? Sergio Leone, of course.

Marilyn says:

I like westerns but I love animated movies! Animated movies take me back to being a kid. I get excited and my imagination just takes me away! There’s nothing like the creativity and imagination of those who make these wonderful films.

I would love to see this film, whether or not I win the tickets. :o)

Claire L says:

I like animated movies better. I’ve gotten soft with age and would rather see something light.

Michael says:

I love westerns more than animated, but the classic westerns. Especially Spaghetti Westerns.

But I’m interested to see this movie as they used a different type of motion capture to do the animation. They had the actors on stage together going through the motions instead of one at a time. I think it gives it a more fluid feel to it since the actors are interacting with each other and not just miming things.

mia says:

Animated westerns!

Helen Lopez says:

I am a fan of the westerns.

Bryan Harley says:

I like animated westerns the best so I should win!

Lisa Ovalle says:

I love animated movies. Even as an adult, I find that they are very enteraining and the most fun to watch. Love Johnny Depp too!

Kelly Lee says:

I prefer animated movies over western movies…

Andrew Cardillo says:


jeansheldon says:

Love too win tkts. so I could take my great grandchildren too the this movie as i don’t have money too buy them. but this 80 yr old would love too win.on a fix income so thats it.

Juissa Garcia says:

Animated movies are much better. I love the high definition and movements of animation!

Robyn Kifer says:

I am hearing impairment, my reason to like an animated because it had provided an action to enjoying family night as silent movie of early 1900′ cira. All we read is a body lanugage. Western movie like “True Grit” had made it difficult to read an action without closed or opened caption which why I favor animated.

Anna Martinez says:

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a western, therefore, I must say “animated.”

Malyssa Gilliam says:

I prefer animated movies so I’m curious to see what this movie will be like! :)

Sandra Gonzales says:

I love animated movies!! Westerns .. ehhh they’re ok.

Catherine says:

I like animated films better but have an appreciation for westerns (I have sat through my fair share of Clint Eastwood weekends)!

I grew up watching Disney films (Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, et al.) and the Pixar movies always a must see!

I love a good animated film!

Stephen Abbas says:

I like animation better then a western. I wonder if there is a western that is animated other than Rango. Not much out there, I can think of some.

haley P. says:

Animated is way better! They just look cooler!

Michael Torres says:

I prefer Animations because there are a lot of styles of it that are impossible to recreate in the real world.

However, my favorite movies are all westerns!! Butch Cassidy, Wild Bunch, Josie Wales, Django, Stagecoach, Magnificent Seven. Those cowboys are just hard to beat.

Chris Lopez says:

I love animated films, Toy Story and Finding Nemo are films that defined my youth. They’re really profoundly compelling films that taught me morals, character, and good judgment. Definitely Animated films, over Spaghetti westerns.

Max Mckenzie says:

I enjoy both. The pixar films of late have been quite good such as up and the incredibles. But I do have to agree with the great Kevin Costner and say that westerns have not been too good lately

Kent Russell says:

Hard decision. I’m a Johnny Depp fan to the core and the way they do animation these days is facinating. Yet, I’ve never meet a western I didn’t like. In the end, I have to take real live people over cartoons.

Jeff says:

I am a big fan of Westerns and I like animated movies to I am looking forword to seeing RANGO. Please make it possible for this senior.

Jo says:

I like both. True Grit was wonderful, but then you have Johnny Depp and you know it will be terrific! Animated has great ‘adult’ humor, but westerns have real people.

PTolentino says:

I have always been a big fan of cartoons, although I am all grown up, I still enoy the animated features.

L. Louie says:

I like westerns better, I like real people and real scenery better than animated.

Brianna B. says:

Animations all the way!

Cruz Estrada says:

Johnny Depp as the voice of a chameleon, this should be good :)

dean iwahashi says:

Would luv to see this show …. looks like a good animated western.

Amber De Witt says:

Love anaminated movies… much better than staying homeand watching tv stuff.

Laura says:

I love both. Thats what makes this movie so clever.

christina f says:

I like animated anything =)

wes says:

I enjoy animated films much more. They are much more entertaining than western.

tugsy says:

Animation is awesome!!!

Paul Depledge says:

Animated Western with Clint Eastwood would be incredible!

Todd says:

Westerns! But I’ll give an animated western a shot!

Pam says:

Hard choice. Either animated or western if they’re good. And an animated western with Johnny Depp’s voice of a lizard – worth this comment to win!

becky says:

My husband and I love Westerns. Johnny Depp in a Western – that’s as good as it gets.

maria says:


alex hurtado says:

I like westerns and animation. An animated western,can’t beat that.

JamesMichael says:

Animation Domination

danraya says:

Animated hands down, though that may be the lack of western films of my generation.

Michelle says:

Well I could give you the answer my film professor Dr. Moses would love, and as a college student I could make myself sound more mature by saying western… Yes, I did enjoy watching The Searchers and My Darling Clementine, I won’t lie. However, I still secretly watch all of my old animated movies like a child and love them even more now. :)

Erika Day says:

i love animated movies but havent seen very many western movies, but Rango lookes really cute :)

Maq says:

I enjoy old school westerns, but I am not against watching an animated one. Rango looks funny, would love to win a chance to watch it!

Sam says:

This movie looks funny and amazing. Would love to see it..

Amanda says:

Hey! I want to win! I think this movie is going to be great!

jessica says:

Animated. I watch them indiscriminately – no Pixar snob here.

Monica says:

My kids and I wanna go…Pick us please!

-Thanks and have a great day!

Monica says:

I am a big fan of ALL animated movies. And I can’t wait to see this one!!!

Steve Holt says:

I like animated better!!!

Brian says:

You just can’t beat a really good western!!! They are part of our American heritage.

Hope Holt says:

I like westerns but my 5 year old granddaughter like animated

Animated films, simply because I grew up on them!

Alan says:

I like animated comedies more than any other kind of film.

Dina says:

Definitely animated!
Although I’m sure an animated western will be good. :)

steelermartin says:

looking forward to watching this movie. hope i win.


Pamela McGee says:

I would have to say animated movies, as my husband’s penchant for making us sit through interminable repeats of Bonanza and Gunsmoke have worn any fondness I had for westerns down to a barely discernable nub! Sorry, TV Land–you are not our favorite in this category!

Dawn Smith says:

Who couldn’t enjoy a wonderful movie like this???
I’m ‘all in’!
Hope I get picked! woohoo!

Leslie Villanueva says:

I love animated films and I am looking forward to seeing Rango!!! PICK MEEEE

Deena says:

Animated movies are so lifelike now, it’s hard not to enjoy one that has a good story. But, I suppose I’d take a good, classic western most days.

Al says:

I love Westerns

FresnoDan says:

animated…when it’s “classy” !

Larry A. says:

I love western movies. Adding the touch of animation is really making it. From the trailers I have seen Johnny D. is great.

Ken Swanson says:

I love western movies but an animated western movie could be fun also.

Frank Chafe says:

I think that there is a place for both. While such timeless classics like “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” and “High Plains Drifter” have definitely created a unique view of westerns, they bring something to the table uniquely for the more adult audience. Animated has rarely adventured into the old west, and for this and many other reasons I am excited to see Rango becuase it looks like fun, and I feel based on the trailer brings some of the best elements of the genre to the kids level.

Sheila Metzler says:

Love Johnny Depp in any movie & this one looks really cute!

Want to take my mom and sister for sure,

jeff little says:

I love a good Western and since my kids are finally getting old enough, I might actually get to see one rather than all the animated ones over the past 15 years!

Erin says:

Animated all the way!

Jenny Phillips says:

I’m going to have to say I like animated movies more, because I grew up on Disney and Pixar type films! Westerns are awesome too, sometimes you just need a little good, bad, and ugly.

Jenny Phillips says:

I’m going to have to say I like animated movies more, because I grew up on Disney and Pixar type films! Westerns are awesome too, sometimes you just need a little good, bad, and ugly.

Victoria H. says:

I enjoy animated movies more than westerns but it seems I’m going to get the best of both with Rango!

Brian says:

Love the animated ones best.

Mike says:

I have been waiting for over a year to see this movie, it looks funny and the animation is ridiculous with all the characters and how they act. I have been a animated cartoon lover since I was a kid. This is a funnier “Fievel Goes West” movie for me.

Laura Quiring says:

Definitely prefer animated! Pixar movies are our fave.

Kyle Dodson says:

I love animated movies, however the combination of the two genres is a lot of fun. I can remember growing up and watching Fievel Goes West again and again, and Rango appears to be along the same thread as Fievel.

Rosemary says:

Anything with Johnny Depp is all right with me!!!!

Gabriel says:

Animated, because the whole family can enjoy.

Angela Acosta says:

Like animated not much of a fan for westerns. Would love to take my grandkids to watch the movie.

Brian Bishop says:

I love westerns & I love animated films. If I had to pick I’d say animated because my kids have brainwashed me into watching them.

Just kidding, I actually enjoy watching the animated films myself.

Latisha says:

My son has already expressed in this movie and we are definetely going to see. Would love to be able to take whole family.

Jessica says:

I would have to say the animated films are my favorite.

Leslie Smith says:

Animated of course! Westerns not so much (unless they are animated!)

Sierra Smith says:

Animated is always better! Cartoons Baby!

Kelsey Smith says:

Animated pictures are much more enjoyable especially with today’s technology. Never really watched a western.

David Smith says:

I love westerns and cartoons so a western cartoon should be fun!

Shonna H says:

Animated are my favorite!!

Greg Wike says:

Animated by far, especially since my brother works in special effects for a major animation movie company

Ken Phillips says:

I like a good movie, animated, western or something else. An animated western ala Rango looks like it will be a hoot!

pete rivera says:

Good old fashion western will always get the blood going!

Larry A Johnson says:

Most recently, I’ve liked the animated over the few westerns that have been available. But over the history of film, I’ll take “Stagecoach” (the original), “The Searchers”, “The Magnificent Seven”, or “Unforgiven” over any animated film.

c.m.morris624 says:

I like animated movies better than westerns. But Rango looks really cute!

Albert Yanez says:

I loved the old Spaghetti westerns and anything with John Wayne in it. Now being a Grandparent , I’m able to watch a lot of animations with the grandchildren,and, they are awesome! I still lean toward the old westerns though.

David says:

I’m warming up to westerns, but at this point, I’d rather see an animated film these days. We need more Clint Eastwood’s.

Ang says:

I love animated movies! I always record them for my kids and I to watch together. I also enjoy watching westerns if it seems interesting.

Luis Solis says:

Although I like a good western from time to time, there have only been a few to go out and watch in the last decade. Only a few such as True Grit made me want to go out and watch at theaters, and that was only due to the fact that it was a remake of a great movie. The last good western was Open Range, and that was back in 2003. I very much enjoy watching animated movies, but again there haven’t been very many “regular” animated movies. I like what they have done with CGI animated movies such as How to Train Your Dragon and what Pixar studios has done with animation. My interest has gone to CGI animation over westerns in the last few years.

BJ says:

My son is into Western cowboy stuff. He thinks living in the wild west would be awesome. The movie looks very cute.

Rick says:

I like Westerns, for old fashion values and morals
like right over wrong, and the good guy gets the girl. Giddy Up !

Justin says:

Animated without a doubt.

Melodee Brusha says:

I love the animated ones! They are amazing.

Raven Sims says:

I am easily amuse and entertain by animated movies because I like the creativity and use of colors. Western movies takes awhile for me to be indulge in the setting and atmosphere of the story, but I feel Rango is going to be an interesting twist and combination of the two.

SirTin says:

I like Animated! Like Rango the variety of characters related, somewhat loosely to real animals can take on wonderful textures and personalities! In Westerns, there is pretty much a pattern to the plot and conclusion! Animation can have wonderful twists and turns without anyone getting hurt, of course!!

Karen Jones says:

I love the old westerns, especially John Wayne. But I much prefer animated films these days. My two girls love them and they just love Johnny Depp, even if it’s just his voice, lol!

Michael Thomas says:

Gotta go with the animated. Great for a family night out.

Steve says:

Even though the animated movies are good usually, I still like the old Westerns better.

Alvora Trujillo says:

Chameleons make colorful pets! I have a veiled chameleon named Limey. He can’t go to the movies to see his cousin Rango but I can! Also, roadrunners are my favorite bird and I see from the trailer that Rango rides a roadrunner!
How exciting!
Please help me get tickets.

Lupita Ochoa says:

I prefer animated films.

Deanna Stowell says:

I love animated movies, no matter how old I get. Although I haven’t seen an animated western..yet??

Jan Coyne says:

Going to the movies is a great night out and winning movie tickets would be icing on the cake! Thanks for the chance to win!


My kids saw the trailer and said it looks funny! Would love to take them!

Philip Madruga says:

I definitely love animated movies. Westerns are a lot better than when I was a kid, and I have loved the modern ones like “Posse” and “Dead Man” – one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen – also starring Johnny Depp.
If I win I will give the other three tickets to my nephew (9) and his parents so we can all enjoy the fun!

Amanda says:

My kids and I would really like to be there!

Melissa says:

Without a doubt – Animated movies! They are better and funnier than “real” movies. Plus, they keep the kids entertained for about 2 hours!

Leslie Sheets Cunning says:

The promo on TV looks like a hoot! Would love to win!

John Olmos says:

8 year old daughter would love to watch this movie and what better way thatn with a free four pack of tickets for her and a friend. Thank You.

Phillip So says:

If you pick me, Ill love you for life!

Karla Olmstead says:

Johnny Depp is fantstic in everything. He could
make a person like lizards and crawly things.
Can’t wait to see this movie.

GaryO says:

Westerns were cool in the past and a few modern ones are great. An animated western could be fun to see so let’s go!!!!

Garrett Bettis says:

I love the old spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood

Lin says:

Animated films are great, and an animated lizard with the voice of Johnny Depp, what could be better than that?

Emilio says:

If it’s anything like the other two animated movies they this one should be great.

Guadalupe Santiago says:

I enjoy watching both, western and animated but prefer watching animated movies with the kids, we are very excitied about the Movie Rango, and we are crossing our fingers to be the winers…

susan parr says:

Winning tickets to this movie would be a special treat! It would also be a good chance to expose the kiddies to a WESTERN their style–ANIMATED. I just want to hear JOHNNY DEPP’S voice!

Bobby says:

This movie looks too funny,period!Would love to see this movie.

Alvora says:

Westerns have always been enticing because of the horses.
Now a roadrunner has me anticipating a wonderful animated western. The small chameleon in the desert whets my wonder!
Will Rango make it back to his owner?

Miranda H says:

I love animated movies better because I have three boys all under 4 years old. This would be awesome to win! My oldest son really wants to see this movie!

Kelechi Egbuziem says:

I love animated movies better than western movies. i just love cartoon movies that much.

newshound says:

Yeehaw!! I and my little cowpoke would love to see this movie!

Michelle Loucks says:

I have 2 young kids, and most of the time I am just as excited to see the newest animated film as they are.

JoAnn Russell says:

Have to say I like animated movies better. I think maybe having Bonanza on our TV because my Grandpa wanted to “watch it” while he snored in his chair, turned me off to westerns.

menou thao says:

I like western movies but nothing beats a animated movie were the imagination can run wild the the wild west.

Menou Thao says:

animated movies are fun for the whole family but i go for all the actions in the western movies any day even if there are two cowboys kissing. Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!11

Ericka says:

I like animated whether they are western or not, as long as they give us a fun and entertaining world where anything is possible!

Vince Reyes says:

It was interesting to see how this movie was made. All actors were in the same room while doing the voice overs. It looked like they were having lots of fun.

Eventful Koi says:

Midterms are in two weeks — a nice little animated chuckle would be a nice escape :) Besides Johnny Depp and Animated movie = a great movie :)

Karen Houghtaling says:

I enjoy the creativity of the animated movies. Westerns have their place, but so much more can be done animated.

Jocelyn Lopez says:

I love Animated Films! :D

Paul Meadors says:

Westerns, because of Ennio Morricone!!

Sylvia says:

i love old westerns

Ana says:

Perfect movie for a family night out. At the price of movies these days, Free is the ticket, LOL

Tiffany says:

Love animated movies and of coarse Johnny Depp!

Miss P. says:

I really love animated movies and a good Western every now and then.But an Animated Western-WOOHOO! Looking forward to seeing this movie! ;)

Susan says:

I would love to see Rango and the voice of Johnny Deep. Plus it would be get to go see an animated film.

BB says:

Definately animated!!! This movie looks great!

Arevik Chakhlasyan says:

I LOVE animated films!!! :)

PreciousJabber says:


Stephanie says:

Animated for suree:)

NanaLu says:

I feel it will be extremely funny to see an animated western, I can’t wait to see it!

Chester says:

Westerns are American Fairytales. The Battle between good and evil.



thatfresnodude says:

Just give me the tickets already. I need them for my kids.

johnsvang says:

This movie would be fun for the kids and adults.

Mariana Esteves says:

I love the animated movies they are so funny. I enjoy watching how sometimes you can really relate to this animated characters.

Roberta says:

Rooster Cogburn VS Rango? I think I would go for Rango =)

Laura Weyant says:

I like them both. The last western I watched was True Grit, it was really well done. I have not watched the original. And with a 7 year old I have to love animated movies.

Laura Weyant says:

I like both, but if I had to choose, it would be westerns.

Clint Gordon says:

Both are great but Westerns can’t touch Animations. I live for Animations.

Crystal Bussell says:

This would be so wonderful to see. We might not be kids but we are kids at heart and would enjoy seeing this movie.

Anna says:

i love Rango

Ashley Mendoza says:

I like animated movies

Bella says:

I love animated films. I haven’t really seen many westerns except for cartoon westerns so obviously I’ll choose animated films!

Sheri Taylor says:

I love animated movies, even more so now that I have kids. But, it would so much fun to take the boy and my western loving dad to see this one!

Matthew Medina says:

I really like animated movies, and I really wanted to see this movie since the first preview i saw of it.

Dan Bieniek says:

I like Westerns, You can’t beat a good Clint Eastwood western.


I prefer an animated movie. It allows me to enjoy quality time with the kids.

Joseph K. says:

I’m torn between the two, but I will have to say Westerns.

Kevin says:

Clint Eastwood rules! i say Westerns

Sonia Pranger says:

I disagree with my husband. Animated movies are better!

Michael Martinez "Kali" says:

I love animated and west movies! Can’t wait for cowboys and aliens!

Teresa says:

I so want to take my granddaughters to see this!!!!

Janeen says:

I usually prefer animated, because most of the time they are less violent and more funny. My favorite is Veggietales The Ballad of Little Joe. It’s the best of both!

Efren says:

I really like the old Clint Eastwood westerns. also enjoy animated films so having both genres in one makes it great!

Simon says:

Johnny Depp as a lizard awesome!

Susan says:

My family loves to go to the movies.

559rell says:

Animated, please. This movie looks like it might actually be funny.

sara says:

I love all animated films and would be GRATEFUL as hell if i won!(;

Israel Wajda says:

Animation has progressed to such a point that it can do and be anything, so as much as I love a good western, animation has to take the cake.

Courtney says:

My boyfriend and I would love to go see this movie before he leaves again for Navy duty!

Nancy N says:


George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

This looks like fun I would love to see it…g

Erica Fernandez says:

It looks great! can’t wait to see it, hope I’m lucky:)