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Robert Kirkman interview lucky break

IMG_8147.jpg I tried for weeks before the AMC series “The Walking Dead” went on the air to get an interview with Robert Kirkman. If you have seen the cable series based on his Image Comics series that launched in 2003, then you know the guys is an amazing writer. Every effort failed. Finally, the show went on the air without landing even a few minutes with Kirkman.

It looked like the recent WonderCon was going to be the answer as Kirkman was scheduled to be at the San Francisco event for three days. The result of weeks of e-mails and telephone calls to the publicist to line up an interview ended the same way. There was to be no interview with Kirkman.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than diligent. I arrived at the room where I was to do interviews for the new “Green Lantern” video to find it empty except for two men. Kirkman was being interviewed. As soon as the interview was over, I walked over to tell Kirkman how much I liked his work.

“Are you my 10:45 interview?” Kirkman asked. I told him that my efforts to talk to him fell on ears as dead as zombies.

“Well, the other person is late. If you’re ready we can talk now,” Kirkman says. I didn’t tell him I had been prepared for this interview for months.

It took a long time to happen, but the interview with Kirkman was worth it. You’ll see that story in a few weeks.

Responses to "Robert Kirkman interview lucky break"

DavidMogen says:

Uh, Rick….since the show is off the air….why do we care?

Rick Bentley says:

The show is returning in the fall. Kirkman’s written several book series – including a new one aimed at young readers that is just being released. The series should get attention in the next Emmy nominations. The DVD of the entire first season of “The Walking Dead” just got released. That’s just a few reasons why we should care.

Heather says:

Hunh. I don’t remember appointing DavidMogen to speak for all of “we.” Weird.

Good story, Rick.

DavidMogen says:

You are sensitive and protective. And WE find that admirable.

Heather says:

Oh, *that’s* why you were elected official spokesperson. Well played. ;)

Mallorie says:

AGREE!!!! GREAT show!!! I care!!! :)