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UPDATE: Win tickets to see ‘Thor’


UPDATE: The 10 winners have been randomly selected to see the early screening of “Thor” Tuesday night. The winners are Luis, Julio, Gabriel, Alex, cj1, Precious, bradley, Miguel, Patrick and Danielle.

Thank you to everyone who sent the very funny comments. Keep an eye on the Beehive for more movie screenings.

ORIGINAL POST: The summer movie season starts with thunder and lightning through the release of “Thor” on May 6.

The film, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, is based on the Marvel Comics series. Thor’s a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions rekindle an ancient war. That earns him banishment to Earth.

We want to give you a chance to get a jump on the summer season by giving away tickets to the 7:30 p.m. May 3 advance screening of the action movie.

Ten winners will get two reserved seats to see the early screening. These are reserved tickets, so you won’t be herded like cattle into that long line, but are guaranteed great, premium seats.

All you have to do to is leave a comment telling us what you would do if you had Thor’s hammer for one day. Knock down a wall? Drive one million nails? Hammer all over this land?

thor logo.bmp

The ten winners will be randomly selected from all of the commenters. You have until 1 p.m. Friday to enter.

Check out the pesky rules and regulations below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "UPDATE: Win tickets to see ‘Thor’"

Danielle says:

If I had Thor’s hammer for a day, well, I’d destroy a bunch of sh*t!

Do I win?

Bush says:

id smash a whole equivalent to the grand canyon…or bigger.

wienzer says:

I love to say I’d use Thor’s Hammer for something noble like building a 1000 homes for the homeless, or defending the innocents in the Congo, but I’d probably spend all day flicking it up and down trying to come up with the perfect thing to do with it and have it be a all for naught.

Michael says:

I’d sell it on Ebay. I’m sure there’s some fanboy out there that would want it.

erica says:

I would pound the two crappy trees out of my yard that drop pokey balls every freaking day.

ERJ says:

I don’t even know what Thor’s Hammer does. Is it heavy? It looks heavy.

mayday22 says:

Very kind of you to assume we are all worthy to lift Mjolnir. I would probably use it to challenge Ty Penninngton to a hammer off,then proceed to crush his self esteem one nail at a time.

Alisha V says:

I would totally use it to travel. Just throw it towards a nice vacation spot and hold on.

CJ says:

Well, traffic would not be a problem. If I was ‘worthy’ and could lift it I’d probably go to Asgard for the day.

Bryan Harley says:

I’d sell it on Craigslist, as to avoid eBay fees.

I’d sell it on ebay

darnit michael you beat me to the ebay line by 15 minutes!

Miguel Sanchez says:

Round up all the Top bank executives that messed up our economy and punish them with their lives.

Blanca Lamas Sanchez says:

I will use it on the neighbor’s cat that uses my yard as their personal bathroom.

Rosalinda Cooper says:

I’d use it to win tickets? LOL I don’t know or case much about Thor myself, but I just got married Friday and know my husband really wants to see it!

Rosalinda Cooper says:

PS… I just got tix to Chet so I’m unsure if I’m even eligible… I don’t see a “winner within ___” days restriction on the rules…

Daniel Bonilla says:

I’ll demonstrate it’s power at Playboy Mansion and spend the day with the playmates with Hammer in Hand!!!!hahaha

brodiemash says:

I’d find Donald Trump and kick his Asgard. Verily.

Heather says:

The Chet tickets were won in early March, so you’re in the clear.

Maria Gunsolus says:

I would use it on my first landloard I ever had. What a real slumloard that creep was.

Jskrilla6 says:

If I had Thors hammer, I’d be hammered all the time!

Ilene Flores says:

I’m not sure what i would use it for, but i know when i have it i’ll figure it out.

Claire L says:

I’d lock it away where even I couldn’t get it. Seriously, if I see one more person driving around while on their cell phone!…. well, no one wants me to have the power of Thor.

Lisa says:

I’d pound it on the ground until I strike oil!

Edward Napoles says:

I would smash and defeat Chuck Norris! :D

Carey says:

@Edward Napoles, no one can defeat Chuck Norris.
I’d still like to see Thor, though. =]

Justin says:

I’d use it to give my cubicle space a better view of outside.

Denise says:

I would build a million houses and give them away to people who need them!

Frank Chafe says:

If I had Thor’s hammer (Also known as Mjöllnir)for the day….considering it has the following powers:

1. No living being may lift the hammer unless deemed worthy by Odin or if they simply are worthy enough; it returns to the exact spot from which it is thrown and returns to Thor when summoned;

2. It may summon the elements of storm (lightning, wind, and rain) by stamping its handle twice on the ground; and can manipulate the weather on an almost global scale, as Thor once did at Spider-Man’s request to spread a chemical agent around the world to counteract another set of chemicals released by villain Doctor Octopus that risked destroying the ozone layer.

3. It can open interdimensional portals, allowing its wielder to travel to other dimensions (such as from Earth to Asgard)

4. It can transform Thor into the guise of a mortal, the physician Donald Blake, by stamping the hammer’s head on the ground once. When Thor transforms into Blake, his hammer takes the appearance of a wooden walking stick. When disguised, the hammer’s enchantments limiting those who may lift it are not in effect. The hammer itself has also proven unaffected by external enchantments.

5. It is near-indestructible

If I had it for the day, and I could choose the day, and I was deemed worthy to hold and wield it, I would probably help Japan with the cleanup efforts, I would help demolish some old buildings for companies here in the US. I would knock some sense into some people, and I would probably have a little fun walking around a comic convention, and I would definitely take it to the opening night of the movie!!!!!!

I look forward to going to see the show!

Karma says:

i would use it to kill glorificus before she rips open a portal that would destroy the world.
i hope that doesn’t mean that death is my gift.

james says:

Frank is my new favorite person.

Pat says:

I’d fire up our forge, grab my son and we’d pound out a new creation on the ‘ol anvil.

Monica says:

If I had Thor’s hammer…I would crush my husband’s ex…she is evvviiiilll and only his might power could put an end to such deviance!
Just saying…..

“Sheesh, this is heavy, I would groan as I picked it up. “I don’t want this.” Proceed to return it to the nearest “Lost and Found”

adam says:

i would sing hammer time and go hammering all around town

Chukknob says:

I would send it to the Blendtec gonad to see if it blends. Then I would lend it to Frank Chafe so he can sell it and finally move out of his parents basement.

Frank says:

If I had Thor’s hammer I would wield it to strike off whatever the hell is on top of Donald Trump’s head.

bradley says:

If I had thor’s Hammer,
I’d hammer in the Morning
I’d Hammer in the Evening,
All over this land.

I’d hammer out Danger
I’d hammer out a Warning
I’d hammer out Love between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

Pris says:

Where’s thor’s cool hat??

Lori Marks-Noble says:

I would go to Alaska and pound that hammer for oil so our gas prices would go down. Tired of 1/2 my paycheck going to gas!

Dave Rubinow says:

What would I do with Thor’s hammer? Hammer toes.

Dave says:

Given that Thor’s hammer represents the whole of Godly power and the best weapon against the forces of chaos: I’d smack it up side the head of every world leader until they all agreed to work together, end war, and act with honor and integrity.

Precious says:

I would beat the family I don’t care for.

Christi Greenaway says:

I would pay a special visit to all my ex boyfriends. ;)

Lisa Ovalle says:

I would use it rule over all the other little hammers.

ElCaliente says:

With Thor’s hammer I would knock down all of downtown Fresno so they could rebuild it from scratch.

Diondra says:

I would put strings on it and jam out!!

Tina says:

I’d spend a long, happy day whacking stupid people.

Conlan says:

I’d use Thor’s hammer as a prop in the music video for my cover of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.”


Shelli says:

If I had Thor’s hammer for one day I would most likely hand it to my husband and make him get to work on our home. LOL

Kyle Dodson says:

If I had Thor’s Hammer, I would go to the nearest County fair and finally win the strongman carnival game.

Michelle Smith says:

If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening. All over this land!

C. Baize says:

Thor’s Hammer for a day…
I’d likely spend the day cleaning up all our ecological screwups on this planet.

Cris Ochoa says:

I would absalutly love tickets to “THOR” I have been telling my husband that I want to see that movie, ever since the commercials started showing on television.

CLL says:

So if Thor’s hammer can be used by me, I would use it to try to unite people to see that there is something greater then just one’s self. That together we have all caused strife and pollution in the world and that if we all work together it wouldn’t be that hard to reverse the bad effect on earth. And figuratively knock sense into the naysayers.

Sergio says:

If I had the Hammer that Thor has, I would finally build that backyard shed my father has been bugging me about since after Christmas.

Corinna Lemos says:

I would be like Thor, use it to defend earth against the enemies!!! Bad individuals!! lol

Angel says:

I would smack the world and get rid of all the allergens. ; )

cjl says:

If I had Thor’s hammer, I’d use it to dislodge that frightful alien that’s attached itself to the top of Donald Trump’s head. It’s melting his mind!

ari says:

id knock down all of the dam’s in california and let the water flow were its suposed to and let farmers get all the water that naturaly run’s past them. let it heal this central valley.

danielle carrillo says:

I would use thors hammer to knock some sense into our government!

Alex says:

If I had Thor’s hammer, I would rid the World of all It’s nasty scum.

Rosemary says:

I would hammer all day with Thor’s hammer and it would make my arms thor!! :-)

Rosemary says:

I would hammer all day with Thor’s hammer and it would make my arms thor!! :-)

Rocky Vang says:

If I had Thor’s hammer for one day, I would use it to beat away the spare tire I have been carrying around for all my life and look more like Thor. LOL!

Tonyw says:

I would hammer a flat valley in the Sierra’s to save gas when driving east. This would also create a path for the wind so we could create a central wind generation location. No more smog build up in the valley. In the afternoon I would send the hammer through the ground creating tunnel from the valley to the Midwest so all their flood water could be diverted here for our farms. That evening I would just send lightning bolts into the sky just because it would be so cool.

Nate says:

I’d fly out to congress and play Whack-a-mole with the Senators and Representatives

Stephen B says:

Break Stuff

Uvaldo says:

I would use the hammer to call lightning down and then open an electric company to drive PG&E out of business! Forget “Wind, Water, Sun”! I’d have “Lightning”!

Scott says:

Easy, sell it on Ebay!

Nick De La Torre says:

I bet I put that hammer to good use in my new home. So excited to see this movie!

Laura says:

I’d use it to knock some sense into some of my relatives’ heads. They just can’t pick spouses who aren’t terrible people!

kelly says:

If I had Thor’s powers, I would travel the world.

Gilbert Ochoa says:

I would conquer the all the evil and restore the good balance of the world.

Vince Reyes says:

With the power of Odin, if I had Thor’s hammer I give it to MC and watch him do Double Hammer Time!

peterbeck says:

I would use Thor’s hammer to knock the second fist out from under Chuck Norris’s beard, thus defeating him!

emilio says:

If i had the hammer, i would help the weak, and defend the people in need. Sounds corny but u get the idea.

LUIS says:


Gabriel B says:

If I was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) I’d use it to travel to Asgard and overthrow Odin to become the new ruler… Oh and I’d always knock out the Hulk.

Thomas Thornton says:

If, only I had a hammer.

Paul Meadors says:

I would fix my deck.

Julio Cruz says:

Since tha hammer is sure a powerful tool, I would explore outer space. Maybe then we would know the answer to an age old question, “Is there life out there?”

Christy says:

I would use Thor’s hammer to contact/summon Doctor Who for a ride in the Tardis. Who knows, maybe then I could go back in time and fix things in my life (re-write my own history)?! ;p

Dan Lynch says:

If I had Thor’s hammer; I would work with NASA and JPL to track down and destroy every asteroid in the solar system that might impact our planet someday.
Thor can fly in space because of his hammer – right?? In that case, I might as well bundle up a bunch of the spent nuclear fuel rods that are being such a pain in Japan lately and chuck them into the sun while cruising around looking for asteroids to kill.

michele f says:

I would knock down a bunch of walls around my house and start rebuilding things the way I want it.

Ralph says:

If I had Thor’s hammer for one day, I’d electrocute all the girls who rejected me in the past.

Ralph says:

If I had Thor’s hammer, I would get revenge on all the girls who rejected me in the past.

Kitten says:

If I had Thor’s hammer…I’d wack down those slums and build new houses for the less fortinate,less fortunate,less fortunite.Oh, well,people who don’t have much money. =)

Chris Lee says:

I need to see the Mighty Thor!

Will McCarty says:

I’d use the hammer to see if I can level out the street in front of my house so that a lake doesn’t form every time it rains or a neighbor over waters their lawn.


End the wars !!!!!

Clint says:

If I had the hammer I would take care of this abandoned dump of a house that I live near, once that was done, I would use it for fast travel.

Mindy says:

Fight crime!

Grasshopper17 says:

I would use it to know some sense into the morons who are supposed to be running this country as well as the idiots taking up space in society. A lot of people in this country seriously lack a grasp of what accountability and responsibility are. It’s all about what’s in it for me or what do I get if I put in any kind of effort? Quit giving things (money) away and make people earn it. Things that are given away are not appreciated as much as things that people had to work for. There is a sense of ownership when you work for something and you will fight harder to keep it. You should also be accountable for your actions and not blame someone else. We are not a society of cattle or lemmings and just follow the crowd. Just do the right thing.

VisaliaCA says:

Would take out some trees.

Julie Andrews says:

Thor’s Hammer would be highly useful for making people realize that there are consequences for your self-centered, insincere, actions.

mark fimbrez says:

With this hammer, I would crush all evil forces of the world

Hector Torres says:

I love all the marvel comic movies and i know this one is going to be great.

amy says:

Hell would know no fury like the wrath I would unleash upon ABC for canceling the show Perfect Couples with the hammer of Thor!!! Pick me I love Marvel Comics!!!

Reyna Sanchez says:

I would go after all racist idiots who live here and teach them some serious humanity.

JULIE says:

If I had the Thor hammer I would use it to get the best seats for the movie!

Karen Houghtaling says:

If I had Thor’s hammer for a day.. I don’t want to say exactly what I would do with it, but I’m quite sure my husband would start listening to me!

Gayle L. says:

It would be great to win Thor tickets!