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Your ‘Eclipse’ review could win you a prize

UPDATE: These are the commenters who have been selected to win “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: prizes for their reviews of the new film: Eva Romero, George B. Feist, Christine, Just Jax, Lisa Vang, Michelle F., Amanda Castro, sgrace2009, Lisa Lentz, cmagnee, Katrina, Courtney Payton, Allie, hailey hager, Hilda Tateosian, Lisa Ovalle, Stephenie Hite, hilary, Jan, Anita, Kikki Martinez, wnedy hager, Dolores Garcia and bush.

ORIGINAL POST: Fans are finally getting to see “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” The Beehive wants to know what you think of the movie. Post a short review in the comments by 5 p.m. July 5 for a chance to win cool “Eclipse” stuff. On July 6, we’ll randomly select winners for the prizes, which include “Eclipse” T-shirts, bracelets and other items.

To get you started, you can take a look at my review and feature story from today’s Fresno Bee. Or, watch my one-minute video review.

And here’s what my Beehive colleagues, who saw the movie at Monday night’s screening, think about the movie.

Heather McLane: “Eclipse” is by far the best of the three “Twilight” movies. It contained surefire, crowd-pleasing elements (lots of lusty teen smooching, lots of vampire/werewolf throwdowns, lots of Jacob sulking around Forks sans shirt), but to me, the best parts were the unexpected parts; specifically, the flashback stories centered around lesser characters. Background on the previous lives of these immortal creatures is a fascinating thing, and I wish there’d been more of it.

Kathy Mahan: I am so relieved that “Eclipse” turned out so good. I was wary going in to the movie because I really love the book and didn’t want it ruined. After all, I was so disappointed in the movie version of “New Moon” that I wasn’t feeling too much love for the film franchise. I had no need to worry. “Eclipse” is so much better than the first two movies. It captured the themes of the book and masterfully weaves action into the core story. The energy is great. The wolves look better. The vampires are cool. And, most of all, the love story feels right. There were a few scenes that I thought were choppy, really a minor point. I really liked the movie and would gladly watch it again.

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Responses to "Your ‘Eclipse’ review could win you a prize"

Courtney Payton says:

My thoughts on the Eclipse premiere were, that I really liked it. There were a few things that I liked the most was how the really played up the “pack” and the kiss between Jacob and Bella, both times! Everything about the movie pretty much stuck to the book, that was by far the best part! All in all the best one yet!

Courtney Payton says:

My thoughts on the Eclipse premiere were, that I really liked it. There were a few things that I liked the most was how the really played up the “pack” and the kiss between Jacob and Bella, both times! Everything about the movie pretty much stuck to the book, that was by far the best part! All in all the best one yet!

hailey hager says:

personaly and talking for all the people who have seen eclipe is it was the best one out of all of twilight and new moon. my faviort part was when the were fighting the new boarns and the volturi killed Bree Tanner. over all i loved the movie and i cant waight till breaking dawn!!!

Hilda Tateosian says:

Eclipse took me back to the feelings and love I had for Twilight. Certain scenes I was looking forward to (the virtue scene, the fight) were done wonderfully. I didn’t hate New Moon but it left me slightly cold to the series, but Eclipse completely redeemed itself! And I believe I can take friends who aren’t fans of the series or never read them to this film and we will leave without me being made fun of! Men will enjoy this because they get more of the action they expected from NM but didn’t get.
Overall- two thumbs up! Thanks for bringing my love for the series back!! Going back to see the midnight showing tonight!!

Eva Romero says:

I really liked how the Cullins and the Wolf Pack put aside there hate for each other and worked as a team to save Bella. It made the fight more exciting. I can’t wait to see it again.

Amanda Castro says:

I loved the movie so much!! I was very pleased with everything and couldn’t have asked for more. I was especially happy with the Director David Slade with whom I was really worried about directing this movie. With the Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke I was that happy with. New Moon Chris Weitz I was pleased and he set the bar so when David Slade was choosen and I had read David’s comment that sounded like he wasn’t too much into the Twilight saga I was hesitant to think he was going to do a good job but to my surprise he surpassed Chris’s bar that I had set. I will definitely be seeing this in the theater’s numerous times!!!

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

As I did with the others…I will wait for the dvd to come out….I liked the movies…but no way will I wait in line, endure the crowd noise, etc.

Nikki Martinez says:

I loved Eclipse! It was a great mix between action & love story. It made me laugh & cry a bit…I’m “Team Edward” so of course I was a bit on edge at times with the whole Jacob & Bella thing. LOL. But all in all, I loved seeing the wolfpack & cullens come together to save Bella. It really made the movie. Can’t wait to see it again.

Katrina says:

I enjoyed the film quite a bit even though things were done out of order and odd. The group that I was with chose to go see all three films back to back and that really helped to see the evolution of the saga. Can’t wait til 11-18-2011. Hopefully Breaking Dawn part one will rock.

cmagnee says:

David Slade did such a wonderful job with Eclipse! The script (thanks to Melissa Rosenberg) stayed impeccably true to the book and balanced the romance/action well. I think the tension between Edward/Jacob was executed wonderfully and nothing crucial was left out. The proposal, the tent scene and the Bella/Jacob kiss were perfect; the saga just keeps getting better! Can’t wait to see it again.

hilary says:

I was really pleased with Eclipse overall. Bryce Dallas Howard was worse than I expected as Victoria, but I really enjoyed the character development through increased dialogue and exquisite flashbacks. Jasper and Emmett finally had more than a couple of lines apiece, Edward smiled in this movie more than in the last two combined and we were able to see the Volturi’s true intentions. It was excellent and I can’t wait to see it again.

Lisa Vang says:

Oh my gosh, this was the best movie of the three by far. There was so much more action in it. I absolutely loved it. I loved the book so much and was so hoping that this movie would not get corrputed. I am so happy with how the movie turned out. Before seeing the movie, I vowed to not watch a single preview of the movie at all, and I’m so happy I didn’t because I got surprised! It was so amazing. I loved everything of the movie. David Slade is amazing. I plan on seeing this again and again and again! Waiting in line for 18 hours was beyond worth the movie. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

bush says:

wow this movie was great. definitely the best so far. i am very pleased with how the movie turned out. i loved david’s wonderful directing. happy it stuck to the book. amazing movie

Anita says:

I loved the movie! It was fantastic! I love how they incorporated Rosalie and Jasper’s stories really well with flashbacks. It was great. The wolves were amazing. The scene with Riley and Victoria, Edward, Bella, and Jacob was soooo great to watch!!!! I give this movie a 39 out of 10.

Lisa Lentz says:

I really enjoyed Eclipse & it was great to see it early! I’m glad I read the books though – I can’t imagine trying to follow & fill in everything without the books. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!

hailey hager says:

i am sooo happy with how the movie came out. they barly left anything out. eclipse was the best of all hope breaking dawn is even better!!! its going to be hard to beat!!

Erica Stephanie Hite says:

I was very impressed with such enthusium in the
characters and the action romance thing going
on in the Twilight series Eclipse.It did relate
to the book, but still, seeing Eclipse on the
big screen is not the same thing as seeing Eclipse
at home.Unless you have a 50 inch flat screen T.V.
but, ya, It’s not the same on the big screen.I recomend this movie I you like mystery, action, and romance.

Jan says:

I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the flashbacks and the intensity of Bella and Jacob’s relationship. I did however hate Bella’s wig. It was awful. The wig threw her whole look off and made it hard for me to really get into the scenes that she was in, which was basically the whole movie. I did notice that in many scenes the camera angles made it a point to cut off the top of her head as to focus on her lower face and spare us the wig views. The action scenes were great, so all in all it was a good movie.

justjax says:

The previews the studio released wet the appetite for this movie, however the dinner turned out to be a feast. WOW what a movie. It had it all….action, romance, love, hate, humor. It was all there. They even got the make-up on Rob right. My only complaint on that was his lips were too red. I don’t know why that bugs me. Anyway the movie was awesome and had all my favorite parts from the book. Each movie has been better than the last, which is what sequels should do. So kudos to David Slade and the Twilight franchise. Can’t wait to see how they handle Breaking Dawn.

wendy hager says:

OMG eclipse was defitly the best of the series. i cant waight to go see it again….and again. i will still get the same excitment the next time i see it.hope breaking dawn is even better but its going to be hard to beat!!!!

Lisa Ovalle says:

I really enjoyed Eclipse because this movie truly had the love triangle between Edward/Bella/Jacob. Twilight was mostly Edward/Bella and New Moon was mostly Bella/Jacob. Finally, we were able to combine both and see a true love triangle.

I also immensely enjoyed the character’s flashbacks to when they were human. It gave them a true voice/POV beside the background props they were in movies 1 and 2.

The two hours just flew by, I was ready to continue watching for another two.

sgracem2009 says:

My toughts on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse……For me I thought that out of the first three movies that have come out, this one was the best at staying true to the book. I liked how they brought the new born vampires to life and showed a little about them before they attacked the Cullens. The characters had more depth in Eclipse and they made me love the books even more. I had very high expectations and they were matched with great success. I praise everyone behind it and I thank them for giving all the awaited fans what they want. Can’t wait to go see it again! Loved It!!

sgracem2009 says:

My thoughts on Eclipse… had it all. Every thing from first (and second) kisses, to broken hearts to headless vampires. I was very pleased that this movie gave something to both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans. I am very please and very greatful that everyone behind this movie did all that they could to make it the best :)

Dolores Garcia says:

Eclipse was a great new addition to the Twilight Saga. It had the moments where you just went ‘awww’ and the moments where you wanted to jump out of your seats from all the excitement. The story behind Rosalie and how she became what she hates was a great scene to try to get Bella to realize what she would be giving up in life. Jasper’s story connected to how Victoria was using Riley, the same way Maria used Jasper to create an army of new born vampires. The love triangle with Edward, Bella, and Jacob was pushed to a high point in this movie. The first kiss between Jacob and Bella didn’t go over so well, but the second kiss however was the push towards emotion that Jacob wanted Bella to recognize. The Voltouri’s presence in the film was minimal but, they were involved and they gave off the sense of fear that you just have to respect them for it. I would definitely see this movie more than once, more than twice, it was the most exciting Twilight in my opinion.

Michelle F. says:

I thought that Eclipse was by far the best of the three movies. I feel that the director captured the essence of the book much better than did the directors of the first two movies. As an avid Twilight Saga reader, I wasn’t thrilled with how the first two movies skipped out on a lot of the chemistry between Bella and Edward, as well as a few of the crucial scenes of the novels. Eclipse managed to capture all of the essential events in an entertaining movie that combines action and romance, and was strengthened by the Edward-Bella chemistry and by Jasper’s increased lines.

Allie says:

I have been to the midnight premieres of all of the films in the Twilight franchise, and without a doubt, Eclipse was the best. As an Edward fan (as I feel a majority of those who read the books are) I wasn’t pleased with the Team Jacobers (or as I like to call them… “Team Taylors”) cheering after the second kiss between Bella and Jacob. However, Team Edward won in the end because those who haven’t read the book and love Jacob didn’t realize that Bella and Edward end up together at the end of the movie. :) I am so excited for Breaking Dawn where it will be all Edward-Bella action!!! Oh and the flashbacks and directing were the greatest!

Christine says:

I loved how Eclipse correctly portrayed so many of the best scenes from the book–the bed scene, the fight, the tent scene, even the confrontation between Edward and Jacob! David Slade was amazing!