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ROGUE REVIEW: Rogue Film 2010


The idea of having to sit through the work of a group of amateur filmmakers seemed like a punishment. Generally, these short projects tend to lack originality as the filmmakers just copy their directing influences or write scripts only they find interesting. The two longer form presentations at the Rogue Film Festival about a suicide attempt and a swede of “Steel Magnolias” do little to dispel those thoughts.

What makes this a must see event are the 12 short political remix films. These satirical snippets take footage from news reports, TV broadcasts and films and twists them into smart and funny political jabs. Its similar to the work Michael Moore was doing when he still had a filmmaking hunger. The shorts touch on topics such as water conservation, oil, war and politics. The filmmakers deliver their political punches with such finesse you won’t see them coming until they slap you in the face.

Two are particularly strong standouts. Fresno’s Diran Lyons has mixed scenes from Jake Gyllenhaal movies with speeches by President Barack Obama. The conversations created from these elements is so seamless it as if the whole thing was filmed at one time. Lyons even slips into the surreal as in the scene where the Gyllenhaal watches himself on television as the dazed and confused soldier in “Jarhead.” This short film alone is worth the small price of admission.

But, it gets slightly better. Jonathan McIntosh, a San Francisco filmmaker, has created a brilliant film called “So You Think You Can Be President.” He masterfully weaves judging comments from the Fox series “So You Think You Can Dance” with Presidential debates. Along with the incredible craftsmanship he shows in making this film, McIntosh manages to make his points while standing on the political fence. The work is brilliant.

SHOW INFO: 8:15 p.m. tonight, 6:15 p.m. March 12, 8:15 p.m. March 12, 5:15 p.m. March 13, 7 p.m. March 13 at Mike Briggs Properties, 1212 N. Van Ness. Admission: $5.

Responses to "ROGUE REVIEW: Rogue Film 2010"

Dant says:

Jake Gyllenhaal wasn’t in “Saved.” Perhaps you are thinking “Donnie Darko”?

Bryan Harley says:

The real question, Rick Bentley, is did you like our movie more than “Cop Out”?!?!11

Rick Bentley says:

You’re right. Thanks for catching my mistake. But, my being an idiot should not keep you from going to se the films.

Paul Bettencourt says:

I’m a student at FPU in Mr. Orozco’s class.
I attended a few of the shows at the Rogue Festival and I really enjoyed it.

Tiffany Kirksey says:

I really enjoyed your blog on the Rouge Festival. I’m a Fresno Pacific student and I learned about the festival from my art teacher Chris Janzen who also performed at the festival. Thank you keep on bloggin.