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Best actor Oscar tough battle

Oscars.JPG “The 82nd Annual Academy Awards” will be handed out Sunday night and all of the speculation as to the winners will finally end. As a countdown to the big night, I am taking a look at the six top categories and offering my opinion as to who will win. The great thing about the Oscars is everyone has an opinion. Please feel free to share yours as the week goes along.

Today: Best actor.

George Clooney’s performance as Ryan Bingham in “Up in the Air” is so full of pathos and spirit it’s near perfection. It’s just a shame that being only near perfect is not good enough this year.

Any other year, Colin Firth‘s work in “A Single Man” would have made him the favorite. This is the kind of work all young actors should study. Firth finds that delicate line between strength and weakness that makes the character memorable.

It’s hard to imagine anyone could do a better job than Morgan Freeman portraying Nelson Mandela. The actors work in “Invictus” is remarkable and just another reminder this is one of the best groups of Oscar nominees in this category in recent years.

Moviegoers have not been excited about war movies over the past few years but Jeremy Renner, who plays Staff Sergeant William James in “Hurt Locker,” put a very human face on the war. Renner’s work is pure dynamite.

This is a strong category but there’s little doubt that it will be Jeff Bridges who will go home with the Oscar for his amazing performance in “Crazy Heart.” The reasons he should win are numerous. First, he’s long overdue with five nominations and no wins. Second, he’s well liked in Hollywood. Finally, he’s deserving of the honor.

Tomorrow: Best actress.
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Responses to "Best actor Oscar tough battle"

Jason says:

I would love to see Jeff Bridges win it, and I’d say he “deserves” it (who really deserves an award) but I have this sneaking feeling after seeing Mickey Rourke somehow not win it last year for The Wrestler that someone else might sneak up, Sean Penn-style, and steal it. Possibly Colin Firth. Such a strong year for Best Actor performances, though. Any of them could win and I don’t think anyone would be upset.