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Oscar predictions start with supporting actor

Invictus.JPG “The 82nd Annual Academy Awards” will be handed out Sunday night and all of the speculation as to the winners will finally end. As a countdown to the big night, I’ll take a look at the six top categories and offer my opinion as to who will win. The great thing about the Oscars is everyone has an opinion. Please feel free to share yours as the week goes along.

Today: Best supporting actor.

Matt Damon’s rough-and-tough work in “Invictus,” as Francois Pienaar, the captain of the South African rugby team that became a unifying force, was good, but he’s the one nominee on the list who should have been left off. Damon’s done better.

Woody Harrelson deserves this nomination because of the wide range of roles he played this year. He was in his comfort zone for the very funny “Zombieland.” This role as Captain Tony Stone, a military officer who must deliver news of a soldier’s death, in “The Messenger” shows Harrelson can play someone other than a burned out nut case. Good work but not good enough to win the Oscar.

This is the first Oscar nomination for 81-year-old Christopher Plummer. His performance as Tolstoy in “The Last Station” is worthy of the award – plus he will get points for his long career. If there is a dark horse in this race, it’s Plummer. It’s just sad there’s a real thoroughbred in this race.

Stanley Tucci’s performance as the serial killer in “The Lovely Bones,” combined with his memorable work in “Julie & Julia” show his range. Too bad range only gets you so far.

The lock for the award is Christoph Waltz for his flawless performance in “Inglourious Basterds.” If you have any doubts, watch the first 15 minutes of the movie as he brings Nazi officer Col. Hans Landa to life. This is the kind of performance for which Oscar was created.

Tomorrow: Best supporting actress.

Responses to "Oscar predictions start with supporting actor"

Mike Scott says:

Agree with you 100% on this one, Rick. Christoph Waltz’ performance was chilling, riveting, flat out amazing. He owned the screen every second he was on. That’s what an Oscar calibre performance is all about… like Mo’nique in Precious. You remember those long after you leave the theater.