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A shout-out to Corridor 2122

Corridor 2122 is marking its 10th year in Fresno with a big ArtHop celebration Thursday night. If you didn’t catch my cover story in last Friday’s 7 section, it’s never too late. Here’s Bee artist S.W. Parra’s clever cover design:

corridorcoverFrom my story:

The collective is celebrating its big milestone at next week’s ArtHop with a 10th anniversary show featuring works from both past and current members. It’s been an impressive run: Month after month, with group and solo shows that range from cerebral to wacky to caustic to beautiful to just plain bizarre, I often get an artistic charge.

Other times — rarely — I feel as if I’ve walked into Dudsville.

But that’s part of the surprise. What appeals to me is the energy of the place — the sense of ideas percolating, of boundaries being pushed, of lifting the veil on the process of making art.

And here’s a video I made while doing the story:

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