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What do you think about dogs on restaurant patios?

Pooches will be soon be allowed on restaurant patios. A new state law signed last week legally allows people to bring their dogs to outdoor eating areas beginning Jan. 1. While there is plenty of rejoicing at this news (and far too many uses of the phrase “bone appetit”), I want to know what you think of this practice. Do you welcome it as a fun way to spend breakfast with Fido? Or does the thought of fur floating through the air and landing in your eggs Benedict gross you out? 

I’d also like you to help me out with a future column. Where have you seen dogs welcomed on patios in the Fresno/Clovis already? Or where have people tried to bring dogs? Are any restaurants in town particularly pet friendly? 

It’s worth noting that this new law is not a furry free-for-all. It comes with lots of rules, including:

- The dog must be on a leash or in a carrier.

- The dog cannot sit on a chair or bench (so that puppy in the picture is a no no).

- Utensils, condiments, etc. must be stored in enclosed containers when dogs are present (meaning fur shouldn’t mingle with forks).

- Employees who deal with food can’t pet dogs and if they do, they need to wash their hands.

- Dogs must be able to enter a patio directly. They are not allowed to walk through a restaurant to get to the outdoor dining area.

- The restaurant gets to decide if dogs are allowed on patios.

- Cities and counties can still ban the practice if they want.

- Any poop or piddle needs to be cleaned up quickly.

Responses to "What do you think about dogs on restaurant patios?"

John Lacher says:

Dogs should be well behaved, clean, and groomed.

julie says:

My dog absolutely loves to go everywhere with me. I have taken him to the patio at Starving Artist Bistro & Pita Pit successfully. I was turned away at Habit Burger in Clovis though, although they said we could stay if he was a service dog. :( He is a well behaved 9lb Pomeranian that is well groomed and usually puts a smile on everyones face when they see him.

Skye says:

I would rather eat with your dog and my dogs instead of noisy, screaming, rude little brats that have no business being in a restaurant.

Skye says:

I would love to eat where your dog and mine are allowed. I wish more restaurants would allow pets and ban kids!!

Dribble says:

Why does every dog owner just assume that everyone else is fine with their dog?
I am not a dog owner. I don’t like dogs. Why should I have tolerate people bringing their dog to a restaurant where I am trying to enjoy myself? Even with laws in place, I’ve seen people carrying their dogs with them in Savemart and Target. Ridiculous. Have we forgotten any concept on how diseases are transported?

What about people with allergies? Sure the utensils are covered while being stored. What about the fact that pet dander can easily be transported with a simple gust of wind?

I think this is a lazy attempt at brownie point legislation.

Skye says:

I hate kids but i have to deal with them in restaurants and i can assure you that my dogs are way better behaved than most of them!

Kelly Schaffer says:

I understand that not everyone likes dogs but I don’t like people who smoke and blow smoke at other people but you deal. I have anxiety not bad enough to have a service dog but sometimes having my dog with me helps and if I can take her with me it no one should be able to tell me that I am wrong to do so.

pk says:

News Flash……don’t think your dog is darling! Unless it is a service animal, no dogs please…!

Andy says:

DISGUSTING! I do not want to eat w/ ur dog! Will only be spending my money at establishments w/ their own no dog rules. I do not “just deal” w/ smokers on patios, most places besides bars don’t allow smoking on their patios anyway. Fine w/ ppl who need service dogs to get by w/ everyday life, however the fresno Paris Hilton’s need to leave their dogs at home or that restaurant lost my $!

Lisa says:

I have a dog and like dogs in general but don’t think pets and food mix. I won’t eat where I see animals present.

Carolyn Pierce says:

this is a great idea and I think could really help a lot of businesses if they became dog friendly. However, dog owners need to become more considerate of others as well with their dogs. Please always pick up after your dogs!!!

JJJ says:

Welcome to the western world California. Dogs have been allowed in most public places in most states and countries without incidence for decades.

@Dribble, if we’re forced to tolerate children in public, dogs should be the least of your worries.

dogLvr says:

Dogs are allowed inside at Peeves Public House on the Fulton Mall(well behaved of course). Also at The Tioga Sequoia Beer garden downtown, patio at Yard House, Patio at Fresno Breakfast House to name a few I am happy for this new law. People who dislike dogs on patios because they say they are unhealthy have every right not to go there and I hope they stay away. They don’t realize that the hair falling off peoples heads and bodies and all the billions of bacteria on their own bodies are more infectious than anything coming off a dog that is sitting on the ground. Responsible dog owners will bring their vaccinated, clean dogs out to restaurants which is great. These people who are opposed to dogs are just assuming people will be bringing rabid, mangy, flea ridden dogs which is ridiculous.

SG says:

Being respectful of each other is the key to everyone enjoying their dining experience. Those with dogs be mindful of your pet. It should have impeccable manors and you should be respectful of peoples sensitivities. Those who choose not to dine with a dog near by have the option to eat indoors and still enjoy their meal. We live in a wonderful world that is full of diversity, so lets enjoy our differences and find tolerance within ourselves.

Betty says:

It’s disgusting that Peeve’s allows that dog inside the place. They have had complaints filed with the Fresno County Health Department over it too. They have been lucky and haven’t got caught when the inspectors have been there.
Animals don’t belong at public restaurants inside or out.

A Gomez says:

I’am a dog owner……I Love my pets, but Really in a restaurant ugh, smell of dog and dog hair flying around. No I dont think pets belong in restaurants. I know I wont be eating at a people/dog restaurant…..

Kelly says:

People that do not want to eat around dogs have the choice to eat inside. I don’t think a group should be turned away from every single restaurant because they have their dog with them. Also the restaurant has the right to ask people to leave if they are acting out. Its would be the same if their dog was misbehaving. Also this law is not saying that every restaurant has to alow dogs, it is simply giving them the option and a set of rules that the restaurant has to abide by if they choose to alow dogs.

LV says:

My dog is more well behaved than most bratty children that are allowed in restaurants.

Skye says:

I totally agree with you!! My dogs are cleaner and quieter than most of those horrible devil spawn called kids!!

M. Gomez says:

i have a puppy of my own. I take him where ever i go if they allow dogs. But a restaurant is out of the question. He’s not going to tell me I have to pee or poop and if he does can he wait or where do i take him????? Then I and everyone else in the restaurant are eating while a puppy mine or anyone else’s is taking a poop, of course I will clean up but the smell. No I dont think DOGS should be allowed in Restaurants no matter how well behave they are or potty trained or what ever. I know I won’t be eating at any restaurant that allows DOGS – and that is my Opinion!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy says:

I’m of the strong opinion that dogs are very similar to pre-K children. I’ve taken my well-behaved 60-lb. German Shepherd to a few restaurants with patios in town and several out of town. She takes up about as much space as a high chair or stroller, she makes a bit of a mess on the floor because she can’t eat as neatly as adult humans, but she doesn’t whine or throw temper tantrums at the table. Of course, if she barked or had potty-training or other issues, we wouldn’t take her amongst civilized people, but I feel that way about kids, too.

Judy says:

Love my adopted dog/kid Lucy but I know she is not a social girl. So, I don’t take her to restaurants. If she were the type I would take her. As with children, it’s up to the parent/guardian to know their dog & act appropriately. I fondly remember being in Harry’s Bar in Venice with couple and their wonderful dog. She sat under table with bowl & water. Sweet dog, great parents – awesome. Bring the right dogs and be aware – you are being judged far more than your dog.

Chris says:

I like dogs, but this new law will be bad for business. People don’t always train their pets, and what I think is NOT allowable for an animal may be okay for someone else. Hence, recently I was sitting outside on the patio of La boulangerie enjoying my pastry and coffee when a darling and very well behaved dog (on a leash and very well cared for), decided to urinate on the leg of the table in front of me. That bothered me… In addition, dogs are social and territorial. It will take a lawsuit to change this law, but someone will inevitably slip in poop and sue the pants off a local business, or a child will get bitten because the dog is protecting it’s table or is confused by the environment of strangers and food. I personally will not be eating at restaurants with animals.

Gomez says:

Once, again we’re living on the “cutting edge”. I write that sarcastically because in my time in Europe I ate at several restaurants where dogs were allowed INSIDE. During all of those visits, we only experienced one misbehaving dog and people surrounding it were clearly annoyed about it. Regarding allergies, my wife and I have far more serious reactions to humans who have obviously lost their sense of smell and they seem to have showered in cologne or perfume. We have three dogs and the two we would take in public are breeds known to have minimal dander. They are also very sociable and not yappers despite being very small dogs.

In short, I welcome this option and we are looking forward to a night out with our hounds.

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