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Win tickets to a screening of “New Moon”

UPDATE: The winners are: Amber, Kristin, Michael Torres, Lisa Vang, oona171717, Lauren R., Bella, Becky Lindh, Art Falcon, Renee, Brian Murray, Tanya, Shelly, Kaylynn Conant, Nichole Leyva, Kathy Pippig, Lissa777, Cristobal, John, Jennifer, Amanda Castro, MikeQ, Jim Stempien, mari, Estie. All winners have been sent an e-mail with details about picking up the tickets. Congratulations!

Be sure to come back next week to post your review of “New Moon.” We’ll select winners from that post to win “New Moon” t-shirts.


ORIGINAL POST: Don’t hate me, but I was among the members of the press who got a chance to see “New Moon” over the weekend. I needed to see the movie to interview the cast for a package of stories you will see in the Fresno Bee and at

Critics were sworn to secrecy as to the quality of the movie. My thoughts will be revealed along those lines Nov. 20 when the movie opens.

Some of you will get to evaluate the movie for yourself before it opens to the public. The Beehive is giving away 25 pairs of tickets to see the 7 p.m. Nov. 18 sneak preview of “New Moon.” The screening will be held at the Manchester Stadium 16.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us why you’re anticipating the movie. The 25 winners will be randomly selected from those comments. Use a real e-mail address because we will notify winners via e-mail. Tickets will have to be picked up at The Fresno Bee. Entries will be taken until noon Friday and winners will be announced Friday afternoon. (Please note, these tickets do not guarantee you will get a seat at the screening because the movie studio gives out more tickets than seats to ensure a full house.)

Good luck and I hope to see you at the “New Moon” screening.

Official rules on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to a screening of “New Moon”"

I’m anticipating on seeing this movie because I enjoyed the first one after my students all read the book and told me i just HAD to read the novel or see the movie.

Anthony says:

I haven’t read any of the books and I didn’t really watch the first movie. The only reason I am anticipating this movie is to see the smile it will put on my beautiful wifes face when she gets to see it.

Malyssa Gilliam says:

I’m anticipating the movie because I read the book series and saw the first one and can’t wait to see the CG werewolves and the Volturi! I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since I saw twilight and read the book! I can’t wait!!! and I hope I win a pair of tickets for me and my roommate who are both big twilight series fans!!!

Kristin says:

I am so excited to see New Moon. I was one of those women who didn’t believe all the Twilight excitement until I got the book for Valentine’s Day. I went through all 4 books in less than 2 weeks, much to the annoyance of my husband.
I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie but all the trailers for New Moon look so much better than Twilight and I can’t wait to see it!

Ed Krueger says:

I hadn’t been a big fan of this type of movie but would like to see if this one will change my opinion.

Maggie says:

I am anticipating the movie because I am definitely a fan of the books. I went to ComicCon this summer and was able to see some of the material for the film early, which has had me excited for months. I was able to get my mom to start reading the series and now her co-worker is reading them as well. It’s so fun to be female and read these books, and it’s also fun to get other people interested in them as well. I am hoping this movie is much better quality than the first one, I want to see the Volturi — too bad they’re only really in the end of this movie.

Caitlin says:

Why not!?

Lauren says:

I am anticipating New Moon because I read and loved the Twilight Saga, and while I wasn’t that impressed by “Twilight”, New Moon has a new director and a better cast, which includes Dakota Fanning!! And also I love Taylor Lautner. :D

Hannah says:

I am anticipating seeing this movie because my best friend had purchased her tickets MONTHS AGO, and hassled me to buy them the time she did. Of course I was a procrastinating-pam and chose to buy them last minute. I go online to order them and to my surprise SOLD OUT! gasp! So now I can’t see the first screening & now have an angry bfff that will be attending it alone. So if I win I will be attending it alone at Manchester, and she will at Edwards, and we will be loners together.

Brent says:

The first movie was very interesting. Would love to see what is next. I’m also surprised by the excitement surrounding this

Kiwi says:

Reading is not the easiest for me, but I have made my way through the first two books of the series because I love the characters so much. I hope that it will be as exciting as what I have read. Thank you for the great contest-good luck, everybody!

hilary says:

i can’t wait to see New Moon because it will be so cool to see how the soundtrack fits in to the movie. and of course i can’t wait to see the wolves! it will be interesting to see how the Volturi interact with the other characters… the previews hint at something totally different than what happened in the book.

sooo excited!

Raquel Gutierrez says:

I think I deserve those tickets because I’ve become obsessed with the Twilight Saga :) I wake up and read some more before I go to bed I read for a few hours and whenever I get a free minute I pick up my books :) Come ‘on I’m a Twenty Five women obsessed over a forever 17 year old!! Oh yeah and the rest of the characters :)

Lupe Aguayo says:

I love the book series and have even gotten boys to read the books and watch Twilight. That’s how big a fan I am. Please pick me.

Ashley says:

I am anticipating seeing New Moon because I loved the books and loved the first movie. And I can’t wait to see Jacob’s transformation on the big screen!

Robert says:

I’m anticipating the movie because my wife and I had a great time with the first one. We’re definitely huge Twilight Fans and can’t wait to see how the romance will develop.

Marisa says:

I can not WAIT to see New Moon. The movie came out last year and I really didn’t understand all of the hype about a movie about Vampires. Well, a girlfriend talked me into giving the books a try and I read all 4 in about 2 weeks (totally neglecting the rest of the human world). I couldn’t put them down!!! I’m 23 years old and I bought the midnight showing tickets and I am fully willing to battle the 14-year-old’s and stand in line in the freezing cold to see this movie! The trailers look amazing and I feel this movie will really do the 2nd book justice!

Steve Ryan says:

I have to be honest.. I didn’t watch any of the past Twilight series however my girlfriend and her two kids talked me into going to St. Helens, OR where we saw a house that was in the Twilight movie and we also went to Multnomah Falls which I guess was used for a ‘baseball field’ scene?

Anyway — that sort of piqued my interest in maybe watching to watch it so this might be the perfect opportunity to do so.

We also talked to some of the shopkeepers in St. Helens and believe me — it’s a small town. I guess the movie crew bought their dresses for the last movie (not this one) from her. She actually got to meet Edward himself and swore he was a nice, gentle guy.

It was pretty fun to tour. I might be able to come up with pictures if any die hard fans want ones of the house..

Anyway, that’s one reason I am anticipating the movie — frankly, to see what it’s all about after having visited where the last one was actually filmed!

Jess Maxine says:

I am anticipating seeing this movie because I’ve read all the books and loved them. I loved Twilight. I didn’t want Twilight when it came out because I normally don’t watch other movies, just because people are all in love with them. My dad rented the dvd and I fall in love with the movie. I read the all the books within six months. Haha.

My mom is a die hard Twilight Fan. She is all in love with Edward. I’m die broke or else I would just buy her and I the tickets to watch the movie when it comes out!


irms says:

I want to see if the second is better than the first. After all, the books got better as *they* went along.

Becky Lindh says:

I’m very excited for New Moon because, within the Twilight Saga, New Moon was my favorite book. It was so much better than Twilight in the sense of action and there weren’t as many typos/grammatical errors. :) Over the summer, I found it strange that Summit Entertainment wasn’t advertising New Moon. They put a lot of money into advertising Twilight, so I thought they would do the same for New Moon. Since I was unable to view a trailer of New Moon, I decided to put my Google search skills to the test, and stumbled upon a trailer on YouTube. After watching it and replaying the trailer over and over, absorbing all the graphics and technical features, I was amazed at how well the director and animation team portrayed the “werewolves”. Though, I envisioned the pack to be bigger, I was satisfied that they kept the wolf like characteristics Stephanie Meyer described in the book.

I’m also excited to see Dakota Fanning taking on the role as Jane, one of the Volturi in the book. After subscribing to the New Moon podcast on iTunes, I feel that the scenes where we are in Volterra, Italy, are going to be pretty intense on the screen and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see New Moon, and I know my roommate, Malyssa, and I will have a totally awesome time!

L. Mollring says:

As a grandmother of teenagers, I like to keep abreast of the things that interest them. It helps to keep our conversations more versatile and ongoing. As it is, I have to wear my running shoes to keep up with them on so many topics, and issues! I saw the first movie, and enjoyed it very much. It offered love, separation, contrast, drama, action, some reality, and a lot of possibilities.

Cristobal says:

Truth be told, I want to see the movie because the first installment was (unintentionally) hilarious.

Amy says:

I’m looking forward to this movie coming out so my 13-year-old daughter will calm down and talk about something else!

Missy says:

:) Can’t wait!

mdub420 says:

pick me pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!!! no i’m not going to see this movie, but i want to be able to give tickets to my sis-in-law because she said she’s going to watch the premiere at 3am. she needs her sleep. that’s why i want the tickets, haha.

Kristin says:

I want tickets to see the movie because I am a huge fan of the book series. What better reason is there? Saw and own the first movie and have been waiting inpatiently for the next one! I have read all the books passed them on to my husband who has also read them all now.

Anay says:

I can’t wait to see New Moon because not only was I too lazy to read all the books but I also said they were overrated until I saw twilight. Then I decided I loved it and wanted to date a vampire but couldn’t find one so I found the next best thing and now I want him to see the movie with me so he can fall in love with it too!

Michael says:

I am anticipating to see this movie. I saw the first and with all the hype I would love to see the next one. Please.

LC says:

I saw the first movie with my 6 and 8 year old and we really enjoyed it. I would love to see this one as well. We would enjoy it as much as the first one. Please pick me…

Whitney says:

I am looking forward to New Moon in hopes of a better quality movie than Twilight was. Also I have read all the books and really loved them. I am brushing up on the book now so I can see how the movie differs from the book! I am going to see it whether or not I win the tickets but seeing it earlier would be pretty awesome!!!

Wicked Faery says:

I usually stay away from the crowds and avoid jumping on the bandwagon as much as possible… Until I became Twilighted.

Didn’t read the books until Breaking Dawn was released, and then everything changed. After moving to a new city, I’ve finally found new friends through Twilight networks, and have even joined the world of conventions, starting with the San Francisco Twi-Tour.

Now, I’m a volunteer for the “Official Twilight Conventions” hosted by Creation Entertainment and Summit and have three “Twi-Tours” under my belt. Hey – I’m a WAHM of 3 boys with an uber husband who may not understand my OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder), but supports me anyway. :)

Before Twilight came out, I scoured the internet for anything and everything I could find related to Twilight. But for New Moon…?

I want to be surprised.

I’ve stayed away from all the new photos and interviews, and even most of the videos. And if you’re on Twitter, you can appreciate what a feat this is with Twilighters everywhere posting updates 24/7. ;)

I would love, love, LOVE to win tickets for the advance screening of New Moon. Chris Weitz has done some amazing work with this adaptation (did you see the Wolf Pack featurette?!) and I am really looking forward to experiencing the final product.

Good luck to all!!

Josiah says:

I would like to win tickets to the screening because it would be waaaaaay cool to use as a bargaining chip with my mom!

Seiya says:

I really want these tickets because it’s one of the must see movies of the year. And honestly, my friend wanted to see this movie really badly with myself and my gf, but tickets sold out before we could get some. It would be the best thing ever if we could see this movie together! :)

Lori Ann Marks-Noble says:

I would love tickets to see New Moon with my family.. In fact my daughter is reading New Moon for her STAR reader.

Kristen says:

i have been excited to see this movie since seeing twilight. i have read all the books and can not get enough of them!!!

katbon says:

I’m interested to see what happens next in the story. I read the first book and saw the movie, but i never read any of the other books. So, I’ll rely on the movies to keep me up to speed on the story. I’m also interested in seeing the special effects and Dakota Fanning.

Jennifer says:

I’m anticipating this movie because the books are great and I want to see if this movie lives up to how great the book was. The book had me hooked. I’m not a die hard fan of the first movie, but I do think the books are worth reading and the movies are definitely well done with a great cast!! Also it’ll be a great date night for either me and my boyfriend or me and one of my friends who I got hooked on the book series :).

Jennifer says:

Also I really hope our Fresno critics don’t give this movie a bad review…it seems like most movies that I enjoy are something our local critics give Ds or Fs too.

Israel says:

Well If I win it will be to take my younger sister who is of-course completely enamored with the series.

Eddie says:

I too am hoping to win because my wife loved the first one and is excited for No. 2.

Devin says:

I want to go to the sneak peak because the trailer for the first movie did not make me want to see the movie, but New Moon looks so good!! I really want to see it!

Tina says:

Because I LOOOOOVE the books & stay up aaaaallll night reading fan-fic, ’cause I just can’t get enough!;)

Lonnie, Jennifer and Jaedyn Olgin-Jones says:

I am anticipating this movie because i have had the opportunity to read the Twilight Saga several times, as was my wife. While i had to endure the first movie “Twilight” and the horrible way in which it was directed, things in the second movie “New Moon” seem to have greatly improved. The main reason for my anticipating the screening of this movie is that i was one of the many men that did not get the tickets before they were sold out and because of that my wife has me sleeping on the couch….

Lauren says:

I am anticipating this movie because I want to see if Edwards skin will “sparkle like diamonds” or if he’ll just look sweaty again like in Twilight.

Gloria Racy says:

We loved the book Twilight. Are thrilled about the new coming sequel “New Moon�
My family and I first read the book Twilight on an assignment my teen age grand daughter who suffers from ADD, Lupus and arthritis. had. We all took turns reading a chapter out loud to help her out.
I am not a reader. I will usually read out of necessity and not pleasure. But once we get started it was hard to put the book down. We were thrilled when we saw the movie Twilight that they stayed pretty close to the book. Now we are all so excited about the sequel “The New Moon” The trailers look exciting! However we are all on a limited income and have to make choices. unfortunately we will have to wait until it comes out in the video stores. looking for the book now! And to be able to see the movie New Moon We can hardly wait!!

Hey beehive people, these tickets may be selected at random but I figure I’d note this entertaining tidbit if I got lucky and selected. One of my closest friends strongly resembles Edward Cullen’s character to the point where strangers will approach him in the street asking if its him.

To have a celebrity look-a-like at a movie screening always sounded cool, so thats why I’m excited for this release.

Maria says:

I have been excited since the day I heard another movie was coming out. I love the first movie and the second looks like it’s going to be much better. Please pick me please. I really want to see the movie and be one of the first to see it before it’s open to the public.

Vanessa says:

My sister really likes the books and she really wants to see the movie. This would be a great birthday present for her.

Kim says:

I am anticipating this movie because I love the books and I want to see Jacob again as himself and his wolf form. Plus, New Moon is the 1st best Twilight book in the series because of all the adventures that Bella goes on with everybody.

Julie says:

Mmm…Well me and my best friend have a HUGE thing for the movie…We would like to see it before anyone!! It would just be a cool experiance, plus we aren’t looking foward standing in those theater lines forever.

darnell72 says:

I’m anticipating the movie because I’d like to see how much better the production is compared to the first movie. I liked the second book better as well.

darnell72 says:

I’m anticipating this movie because I know my wife is a HUGE fan of the books and I’d love to see her smile when I tell her what I have for her behind my back.

darnell72 says:

I’m excited to see the movie preview because it’s always a good excuse for a tweet-up. Plus, I know the stories.

Tracey says:

I would be ecstatic to win tickets to the special screening of “New Moon”. My Goddaughter has got me hooked on the books and the Twilight movie. We are planning to have a special day to see the New Moon movie and this would be a wonderful surprise for her. I hope to be one of the 25 winners.

Steve Perez says:

I really need those tickets because not only does my wife want to see this real bad, but my unborn son has a thing for Kristen Stewart. If we go he’ll be so excited to hear her voice.

Jen says:

I am anticipating this movie because i am a die hard Jacob fan and i cant wait to see how great he is on screen…*sigh*. It would be great if i won tickets because i fell in LOVE with the books before they were popular and i want to love the movie before everyone else too.

Cheryl says:

I loved the book and, in all likelihood, this is the only way I will get my husband to take me to the movie anytime soon!

I would love to win a pair of tickets because my boyfriend secretly wants to see New Moon. He just doesn’t want to openly admit it!

Alisa says:

I’m looking forward to the movie because I have read all of the Twilight books (in a week) and I’ve worn out one copy of the Twilight DVD already…I’m so looking forward to this movie!!!

Danielle says:

Twilight is my favorite movie, and I have been waiting and wanting to see New Moon ever since I heard they were filming it!! The previews I have seen look so good!! I am really excited to see more of Taylor Lautner in this film. I am a huge Twilight fan! I have read all 4 of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books and want to see how New Moon the movie compares to the book. My room is decorated with everything Twilight, I wear everything Twilight, I read everything Twilight, and I watch everthing that has anything to do with Twilight!! I am a huge fan and would LOVE to win some tickets to see New Moon before it comes out!!!! Thank You!

Cindy says:

I cant wait to see this movie! I just finished reading the book and I know the movie will be amazing! Besides, things have been so rough lately I need some sort of escape lol.

kristen says:

What could be a better reason than my birthday is November 17th, and tickets to this would make a rad present!

Help a girl start her year out awesome.

Kim Burly says:

Pretty stoked to see how Kristen Stewart “acts” in this one.

tasia says:

I am soooooo excited for this movie because I have been a huge fan of the books. I was an avid reader before the movies and love what they have done with the first. I cannot wait to see this one. If I win these tickets, I will be in line @ 8am!!!!! I am so pumped.


Jared Carter says:

Looking forward to New Moon and taking my girlfriend she loves Edwards butt!

Monamarie Alvarado says:

I have been seeing clips of the movie for months now and can already tell this movie will be better than the first. All the main parts from the book seem to have made it into the movie and I can’t wait to see it all put together. Huge fan of all the books and I am looking forward to seeing them all play out on screen. Not afraid to admit this, but I am 30 years old and I am obsessed with Twilight. I have gotten all my friends from work to ready these books and its all we talk about. Can’t wait to see the love triangle begin with this movie between Edward/Bella/Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan Harley says:


Stephen says:

I didn’t fall asleep during the first movie.

Tecee says:

My daughter and I read and loved all of the Twilight books and are now enjoying the movies together.

MikeQ says:

I think this looks like a sweet flick! I’m ready for some movie and popcorn!

Sarina Hernandez says:

Well, I read the twilight books in 2 weeks. ALL of them. while reading them I basically had no life, I came home from school to read, I bombed a CST because I rushed through it so I could read! I saw twilight 3 times in theaters, then just about anytime I could on DVD (my mom wont let me buy it). I have been telling all my friends they have to read the series, even the boys and I keep getting everyone hooked! I stayed on the computer all day the trailer was supposed to come out, just so I could see it, then I watched it over and over again till my computer died! And I have watched every trailer available on YouTube. I’ve had the premiere date saved in my phone with a count down since the day they released the date. I REALLY WANT TO SEE NEW MOON! I’m also writing the review for my school newspaper.

jessica says:

i have read the twilight books multiple times :) i was unable to buy tickets earlier and want to see the movie!!!!!!!! i am so excited

Mary says:

me and my daughters are very excited for the next twilight movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria R. says:

I have been waiting for months for this movie. I’m a big fan and would love to win those tickets! I have been trying to win tickets on the radio but of course no luck so I hope on Friday you choose me.

crystal parrales says:

Honestly, I think I’m the most anticipated for the fact that I love love love twilight, I’ve read the books since before it got popular and I’ve bought so many things to support this movie! I’ve been trying to win the tickets but its so hard and its getting so close. I really want to win these tickets for my friend her birthday is on the 23rd and I haven’t been given a chance to get her a present I really know she’d love this so if anything I think I should win for her (: i thank you for this opportunity and hope I will get picked (:

Anita Nounvilaythong says:

..can’t wait!!

Erica says:

I am sooo excited to see New Moon. I have read the series 5x over and I am interested to see how closely it mirrors the book. Either way I’m sure I will not be disappointed.

Haley H. says:

i want to see it because well it will help me to connect with my inner vampire that is waiting to come out and eat you all. haha totally just kidding :) i really want to because well im in LOVE with vampires and wolves :) haha the book was fantastic and im sure the movie will be just as great!! im am so excited for New Moon. i seriously can like not pay attention in school because im always dreaming about it!

Connie P. says:

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by vampire movies and have been waiting, what seems like forever for this one. But, the reason I am requesting these tickets is to do something special for my granddaughter. She does a lot for me and does of lot of babysitting her siblings while her mother works and housework too. She has read all the books and is a big fan. It would make her day for me to get these tickets.

Andrew Brooks says:

I just want to win tickets to take this girl i know that really wants to see it.

Amber says:

I am looking forward to taking my daughter to the movie. This series of books got my teenager to read, all of the books in a matter of weeks. Anything that can encourage a child to learn is good to me. This is her reward

Amber says:

Looking forward to taking my daughter

Brandon says:

Missed out on opening day presale tickets, these would be much better

Alicia says:

Books were fun, looking forward to the movie.

Chaena says:

I LOVVVVEEEEE the books…i went to the premiere last year was not able to get tickets. But this year i want to see it even more!!! I really cant wait till it comes out!!

Raquel says:

ha ha Tina send me the link for the Fan-fic!!!

Lisa Vang says:

I have anticipated this movie ever since I started reading the saga almost 3 years ago. I am so excited for this movie. I absolutely loved the books and the cast is just incredible! I can’t wait to see this movie because it goes into so much depth with Bella and Edward’s relationship and I just can’t wait to see how the movie turns out! I am so much more than excited!

bush says:

i am anticipating this movie because it just looks so awesome. my sister got me into the whole entire series and i just love it. they did an amazing job turning twilight into a movie and new moon looks to top that. i love the effects that were given to new moon and the storyline is incredible. while reading new moon, it made me want to see it as a movie and that is what i am hoping to see!

Ryan says:

My wife is dying to see this movie, would love to win tickets for her!

Anita says:

I have waited for so long for New Moon to be turn into a movie. New Moon is my favorite book out of them all. It really develops the whole storyline. I am so excited for this. Please choose me as one of the winners!

Kristy says:

I can’t wait as this is an excellent series and it will be great to see what happens.

Kathy says:

To be honest, I was never into the book(s) or the Twilight movie (didn’t see it when it was in theaters). My 12 year old niece kept telling me how great it was and that I was missing out. Finally I gave in. I saw Twilight about 5 months ago. Ever since I seen it about 4 times and read the book. I’m almost done with New Moon and cant wait to see the movie!

Besides…if I can take me niece to the screening of New Moon I will be the coolest aunt ever!!! She LOVES, LOVES Twilight and cant wait for New Moon.

Laura says:

I’ve read all the books, and enjoyed the first movie. Plus, my hubby and I need an evening out away from the kids! Sounds like a great excuse to me!

pk says:

(Please note, these tickets do not guarantee you will get a seat at the screening because the movie studio gives out more tickets than seats to ensure a full house.)

Erin D says:

I’m an English teacher…I have to, ahem, keep abreast of what my students are reading/watching.

Lauren R. says:

I am anticipating this movie because I am a huge Twilight fan. I went to the premiere of the first movie, and now it’s just about time to go to the premiere of New Moon!! I’ve waited months for this movie to come out and have been counting down the days until the premiere, and it’d be really awesome to be able to go to the sneak preview!!

Lisi says:

I’ve got a student I tutor at Fresno high who is absolutely obsessed with Twilight. She has worked so hard this semester I would love to be able to take her to see the sneak peak.It would really make her year.

Lisi says:

I’ve got a student I tutor at Fresno high who is absolutely obsessed with Twilight. She has worked so hard this semester I would love to be able to take her to see the sneak peak.It would really make her year.

Garrett says:

I’m a guy who loves vampires and werewolves and I’m glad they finally have a movie where it’s not all about blood and guts but romanticism.

Maria R. says:

I am anticipating this movie because I’m a huge fan! I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. I’ll wait hours in line just to be one of the first to see it before it’s out for the public.

Kassandra says:

I can’t wait to see the special effects in New Moon. When you’re reading a book, you get to create your own images in your mind. I just want to see how those images translated over to the big screen, and how certain events are pulled off by the new director.

Shell_B says:

If i won tickets to see the New Moon Premiere i would probably cry for hours lol I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA (and out of all 4 books i am most excited to see how New Moon goes. I am mainly excited to see how Jacob and Bella create a friendship because it reminds me of me and my best-guy friend. i don’t really want to see Bella so sad)<3 These books are so fun to read. I’ve read them all over and over and i haven’t gotten tired of them yet. My friends and i even hosted a fun Twlight all girls party when it came out on DVD. My boyfriend thinks i’m crazy when it comes to these books because he has never seen me act this way over a fictional character since he’s known me. :)
Good luck to everyone, even if you and i don’t wim i encourage you to read the books if you haven’t already!!!

Corina Hernandez says:

My 8 year old daughter is dying to see this movie!!!! Im not the biggest fan, but if my princess wants to see it, Im up for it.

Cat says:

I’m anticipating New Moon because I’m praying that it is better than Twilight. I had so much fun watching the first movie, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they improve the second one. Plus, Dakota Fanning as a bad girl vamp? Awesome!

Rodney C says:

I was introduced to the Twilight Saga by my daughters and have grown to love the book series. I hope the New Moon movie does the book justice.

LuvlyRta says:

After my daughter raved about the books, we watched the movie together and then read all the books together (third time for her). We both can’t wait to see New Moon, so winning tix for the premiere would really be a neat treat for both of us – and time together alone without the rest of the family, which is so rare!!

Nichole Leyva says:

I am looking forward to this movie because I enjoyed the fist one so much. My oldest daughter and myself have read all the books and just re-read this one in preparation to see the film. We are both so excited we have a countdown in our house. It is all we are talking about!

Melissa says:

I first read twilight 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since! The books have brought not only my friends and I, but my coworkers and I closer. I’ve waited for NM since AFTER the midnight screening of Twilight! !

Chong Her Xiong says:

I love the saga! I was skeptic at the hype and didn’t start reading the books til beginning of this year. Now I’m hooked.

I just finished reading New Moon so I can watch the movie. The book is great with lots of action. I can’t wait to see the movie and see all the werewolves and vampires come to life.

I heard that Eclipse is even better. Can’t wait to start reading the book…and anxiously awaiting the movie as well.



Mr. Goat says:

I will be taking the entire family. They cant wait. Even after the first film they couldnt wait until the sequel.

missy says:

I’ve waited YEARS to see this movie! ! To be able to see it in advance would be the ultimate blessing!

Jon-Michael Hice says:

Who doesn’t like a VAMPIRE movie? It’s classic horror with a great modern twist!

Raquel G. says:

I am anticipating this movie because i have read the books and i thought that twilight was done well when you compare it to the book. I want to see how they did new moon with everything that goes on.

Stephanie says:

Both my daughters are HUGE fans of the Twilight series and have read all the books. They would just love to see the movie before it comes out on the 20th….

It would definitely make their day! :o)

Lil Bird says:

I love vampire movies and with the romance its just a bonus. Cant wait!!

oona171717 says:

I’ll keep this short…I LOOOOOVVVVE TWILLIGHT and the saga, Read all the books, I can’t wait to see every movie! I love Vampires!!!!!Edward CUllen!

Holly says:

I never thought I could like Twilight until a friend begged me to watch the movie with her. I watched the movie with her and the next day bought all four books. I am hooked and can’t wait for New Moon. I can’t wait to see the movie and would love to get a sneak peak.

Jose Lopez says:

My daughter is a big fan and insists that if I go see the movie with her, I would not be disappointed. What the heck, lets give it a try!

Flora Bowles says:

I read all the books in the shortest time I have every read a series of books.

I have seen Twilight several times and can hardly wait for New Moon.

Since I am entering on my Birthday, it should be an extra special entry for my winning the tickets. Even though I just turned 70, I loved these stories which shows they are not only for the teens.

Lisa says:

I want to see the movie BUT my 10 year old son is BEGGING me to see the midnight showing and every good mom out there understands that I’ll do anything NOT to go to the midnight showing!!

G Griego says:

I would love tickets to see this great movie. I think it is one of the most creative films in a long time and have really been looking forward to getting a chance to see more.

Nathalie says:

Where do I even begin ??

I saw Twilight before reading any of the books. I was so impressed with the story that I almost ran to the store to buy all 4 novels. I read them all in less than a week.

When I read the books I feel like I am part of the story because I pretend I’m Bella and go through her emotions.

And because of that and the books getting better and more intense, I am on the list of people who can’t wait another minute to see New Moon on the big screen.

One does not have to watch the trailer to New Moon to get excited and nervous about it, if they read the book.

Heres to Stephenie Meyers for creating something “to die for”.
Good luck with the drawing fellow Twilight saga fans.

Hilda Tateosian says:

I’m anticipating the movie because just like everyone else here, I too read and love the books. New Moon was my favorite one of the whole series and one that hit closest to my heart.
Also, in April my friend and I took a trip to Vancouver to watch the filming of New Moon and visited set locations- yes, we fly to Canada for this!! So another reason to anticipate this film is to be able to see on screen what we were about to visit in person. After we left Vancouver, we went to Portland and the surrounding areas to visit the locations used for Twilight (photos available upon request!!). Last month we also attended the SCREAM Awards for SpikeTV to cheer on Twilight for the nominations!! And be one of the first to view the new exclusive clip they were releasing.

So there you have it!

steve says:

my girlfriend loves the series. i’d love to take her!

Sarah says:

I have been waiting for New Moon to come out for MONTHS and to see it 2 days early would be AWESOME. I’d love to win tickets and take my aunt, she got me into these books at the begining of the year and I think it would be a great “Thank you” to her. Plus, I have a 2 year old at home and could really use a Girls Night Out! I couldn’t think of a more perfect night out!

Karen Sims says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – You would really make my 12 year olds day with these ticket. She is such a fan of the movies and books – and I am not a creative writer….so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

rose b says:

Just obsessed with vampires!! i sat through twilight with my mouth open for most of the movie!! Id be in vampire heaven if i saw it b4 it came out!!!

Nick Ingrao says:

Many reasons for wanting tickets to this, obviously great movies great series and great books. My wife is the REAL big fan here and she would absolutely love me if I could surprise her!! PLEASE OH PLEASE… give me tickets =)

Joanne Serpa says:

I love the Twilight books because they have brought all ages of readers together(and even those that don’t like to read). Parents, children and grandparents are all discussing them with all sorts of views. And no one is wrong, just looking at the stories from a different viewpoint. Looking forward to seeing the movie!!

Katrina Ingrao says:

Please please please!!! I love this book series and the movies are amazing!!!

Sara Ryan says:

I am anticipating this movie because I may have a slight crush on Taylor Lautner…plus I want to see how true it is to the book.

Angela says:

I am not anticipating it, but my daughters are! They are obsessed with the characters and let me tell you they have never been avid readers but have read each of the books out and finished each of them within days! So it has helped with College and high school homework as well. Reports are being written on them as I speak! Not to mention that they are obsessed with the actors as well, each thinks one or the other is HOT HOT HOT!


I am anticipating the movie because I am a HUGE Twilight saga fan! I watched the movie this year and have watched it over & over again ever since. I got the book for my birthday & loved it so I read all 4 books withing that month & i am HOOKED! I have been counting down the days for New Moon to come out & will be couting down for the June 2010 release of Eclipse! :)

Holly Ashjian says:

I have been not-so-patiently waiting for New Moon. I have read the books several times-it’s a story that stays with you long after you put the book down. Twilight was well done and I am looking forward to see how the new director does with New Moon. Please choose me for the tickets! :)

Michael Crandell says:

My wife is a huge fan, read all the books, have the soundtracks, the movies, etc and I’ve followed along with her and totally enjoyed them all too…it would be fantastic to share this with her!!!

Geoffrey Sims says:

To be frank (and to put it on the record) I am NOT a fan of Twilight . . . However, my 12-year old and wife are avid . . . No rabid! . . . fans. Winning free tickets to send them on the 18th would create such peace and harmony in my household, you just wouldn’t believe it! Of course, then I have to listen to their comments about “how wonderful it was” and “Edward-this” and “Bella-that”, but the Zen-like peace that my house will be enveloped in on the evening of the 18th is worth the risk! Geoff Sims

B Bird says:

I just saw Twilight after finally being talked into it. I kept saying, I don’t like fake movies, especially ones with Vampires. What’s all the hype with this so called Edward character, why is everyone thinking he is so good looking. Now I get it. You have to see the movie to understand. So after holding my ground for a long time, I watched it and ended up really liking it. I didn’t want to, and I hate to admit it, but now I’m a fan. I can’t wait to start reading the books and see the new sequel.

Nancy says:

I did not want to see the first movie, but after all the hype, I decided to rent it when it came out on video. I loved the movie, and decided to read the books. The books were fantastic. I am very much looking forward to seeing the next chapter in the Twilight series.

Tracy says:

My 15 year old daughter loved the books so I read them too. Now we’re both fans of the books and the movie. This is something that we can actually do together!

Ann says:

Attending this show in advance with my wonderful teenage daughter would be a special moment for us!

Diane McKelvey says:

I am anxious to see this movie with my granddaughter, who has read all the books and can’t wait for the movie. She is a recent veteran of the USAF and I would love to surprise her with tickets to the preview! Honor our veterans!

Brianna Adams says:

I love this series! I love to read and I have read the series at least 4 times and I got my mom to read the series and she is a twillight junky also.

Debbie Loomis says:

I would love to see the New Moon preview with my daughter. We both have read all the books and have had many great moments sharing what we read with each other. We saw the Twilight movie together and seeing New Moon together would be wonderful. Finding common interests with a teenager is difficult, but we share a love for the Twilight saga and characters.

michelle adams says:

My daughter is right….I love the twillight series and I just re-read New Moon so it would be a fresh memory when we go to the movies….can’t wait!

Heather says:

I would like to win these tickets so I could give them to my daughter. Because of the Twilight series of books she has actually discovered the great joy of reading. Hey, whatever it takes. For my oldest son it was the Stand by Stephen King!

Derek G. says:

Looking forward to taking see the latest!

Chris says:

This would be completely awesome for my girlfriend’s sister, she loves this saga!!!!!

Help me get her prescreen tickets, I really owe it 2 her, please.

Hilda Tateosian says:

also- I turn 25 the night before! the perfect birthday gift!

Jason says:

My wife is a huge fan, and I kinda liked the first movie (but I won’t tell her that). Also this would be a great excuse for a date night!

Rose says:

I would like to win a pair of tickets to see this movie because I have no life to speak of and live vicariously throught the Twilight books and movies.

Kim Kubar says:

I loved the Twillight book series and was a little disappointed in the first movie, mainly the with the onscreen chemistry between Edward and Bella. I’m looking forward to New Moon because I loved the story and hope the new producer/director mirrors the book closer than the first one did. Also looking forward to Bella and Jacob’s budding relationship.

Jen says:

I have been waiting anxiously for this movie for almost a year now, and from what I’ve seen of the trailers, this movie looks much better than the first. I’d love to have the chance to see an early screening with my friends and an audience of Twilight Saga fans.

Daisy says:

I am anticipating the release of New Moon, because I am a huge fan! I love to read! Been a bookworm all my life! When the books originally came out, I was kind of skeptical. But after hearing from everyone how good the books were, I decided to give it a try. Read all 4 books in about a week and a half. Could not put them down! Twilight was amazing, I can only imagine how good New Moon is going to be! Would love to see win tickets. But regardless if I win or not, I will see New Moon as soon as it comes out!

Art Falcon says:

I’m doing it for my girls! My wife and daughter are huge fans and would be super excited to see it before anyone else. I have to admit…the first movie was pretty good and I wouldn’t mind seeing the new movie myself!

Keli says:

New Moon has filled me with anticipatory excitement. This installment should be very well directed and the new cast members will bring new twists and intrigue with them. Can’t wait to see New Moon!

Nathan says:

I’m anticipating New Moon because I just spent alot of money on the Books for my Wife because she is obsessed now… Thanks Christina!!

Al Pulcifer says:

I had no desire to see the first installment in this series, but was really impressed with it. I’ve never read the books on which these movies are based, but with the hype for this one, I find myself anxious to go. AND I would be a hit with my grandaughter if she can see it early.

Henry Gutierrez says:

I would like to take my sister in law (or at least threaten to take her) to this special showing. She is a huge fan. I am not and would love to act like I will speak throughout the whole movie, just to drive her nuts.

Brandi says:

Well, I can’t lie… I’m greedy, I’d like to win the tickets ALL FOR ME!! Two words, EDWARD CULLEN–that’s all I’m saying….

Marilyn says:

Age 66, and still young at heart! Love the Twilight series. My two daughters-in-law got me going on them, and I couldn’t put them down. Totally enjoyed the first movie and am greatly looking forward to New Moon.

Lydia says:

My daughter and I are huge Twilight fans. Her wish was to go to L.A. to see the premiere, although that is out of our reach an early showing would make her feel just as excited. For us, the Twilight books and movie have brought a common likeness between a teenager and her mother and I am so grateful for that! We have been looking forward to New Moon since they started filming!

Katie Burchfield says:

This week is my best friend’s birthday and her life revolves around all things Twilight! She loves the actors, the books, the movies, everything! She is frantically reading all the books one more time (probably for the 8th or 9th time) before New Moon comes out. This would be her ultimate dream to actually be able to see the movie before it is released to the masses!

Cassandra says:

I am anticipating the release of New Moon for two reasons. I completed all the books after Twilight came out and I loved it. The books took me away from reality. And reality was not the best place for me at the time. The books kept me together, when I needed someone. The second reason is because this movie comes out the same day as my five year anniversary. And its very exciting to me. Winning the tickets would mean the world to me. It’s been the longest year, and for something to go right would be great. Regardless of if I win or not, I will be seeing it. The twilight saga is a great escape and everyone needs that.

Barb says:

Can’t wait to see it. Loved ‘Twilight’

Susan says:

I can’t believe how the Twilight saga has ingraned itself into my life. I couldn’t wait to start the next book as I read through the series and I find myself with the same need for the movies. Hurry November 20th or better still NOVEMBER 18TH!!!

Genevieve says:

I want tix cos the wolf guy is hawt.

Oh wait, did I say that out loud?

JACQUE says:

My niece & son read the books and told me I would LOVE them. I refused to read, saying I was a huge Harry Potter fanatic and didn’t need more obsessions in my life. Thanksgiving 2008 had my niece badgering me to read her book. Now this niece NEVER reads so for her to be SO into a book was a miracle in itself. I picked it up and haven’t put them down yet 1 year later. Harry Potter who? I’m not so obsessive that I have posters and t-shirts, I AM a grown woman after all, but I DO love the 4 books with an all out obsession. The love story, the triangle, the wolves and vampires, all make for a wonderful escape from my reality that is oftentimes not so good. Would I love to win tickets to an earlier showing? Absolutley, and I would take my niece who started this all. Thanks.

Lisa Hardin says:

I’m not doing this for me I am doing this for my 13 year old daughter. She has read book and has been waiting for this movie to come out forever. That is all she has talked about. Tried to get her premiere tickets but they are all sold out. I would love to see the look on her face when I tell her that she is going to get to see the movie.

Barbara says:

Unlike me, a voracious reader, it was like pulling teeth to get my girls to read. Not anymore!!! They are hooked on the “Twilight” series and have read (and I suspect..reread)all of them. I know they would be thrilled to attend the screening of “New Moon”.

Lisa says:

my wife is obsessed with the Twilight Saga and I know that seeing the New Moon film just two days early would make her excited beyond a level that is considered healthy. I don’t get it but it’s not about me, it’s about Edward. :)

Mike C says:

I would like to win these tickets for my Jr. High daughter and her 6th grade sister. My daughter has read all the books, has posters in her room and has Twilight artwork as her screen saver on her laptop. She has read each book in less than a week each, quite a feat judging by how thick the books are! I love my girls and they deserve to see their favorite movie characters. the series has also inspired my younger daughter to become a more avid reader as well.

Reading Mom says:

I have read all the books, have gone to to read her posting of Midnight Sun (fantastic), have watched Twilight and all of its extra scenes, have searched the internet for every new clip from New Moon, have seen every interview, every magazine layout and every anything about this series…it’s pitiful.

Vanessa S. says:

I went to midnight last year for Twilight and me and my friends made the coolest shirts
i am looking forward to New Moon since I have read the whole series and I was a bit dissapointed with the Twilight movie so I hope New Moon is better. The preview for New Moon looks amazing! I would absolutely love to see it before everyone else

Cori says:

I am looking forward to seeing this movie because I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the Twilight Saga since the books came out. I love, love, love the books and have read the series at least 25 times.

I’ve seen the first movie more times than I can count and have been, literally, counting the days until New Moon comes out!

Laura Jacobs says:

I am sooooo excited to see this movie. I read the 1st 3 books on a weekend last summer and have been hooked ever since. Did I mention that I am sooooo excited???

Emilie says:

I am anticipating the movie because Edward is hot.

Samantha says:

I have been waiting for this movie to come out as soon as I finished the first one!

Monique says:

I really loved the books and I have high hopes for the second movie since I felt the first was a bit of a let down.

JamesMichael says:

if i win tickets then i dont have to go with my gf to the midnight showing, score.

Crystal says:

I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon initially, but rented Twilight and really enjoyed it! I’m excited to see how New Moon turned out!

girlmonkey says:

I want tix because of the elevation in my awesomeness status it would give me with my teenage girls. My girls would lavish me with praise and devotion for at least a week and I could maybe force them to clean the bathrooms in trade.

ohmygawd I would be so awesome.

Marlena says:

Cannot wait to see the movie. I’m hoping the ending will change and Bella will end up with Jacob!

Liberty Blair says:

I’m really looking forward to New Moon because I loved the 1st movie so much and because I love all the books. My husband and I were in Forks on 8 October. We took the Twilight tour and it was great fun.

Amanda Castro says:

I remember hearing about The Twilight Series. My cousin had talked to me about it when I first heard about the movie Twilight. She had told me it was a book written by Stephanie Myers and that she thought I would like it because I am into Vampire Novels. I read the book when I was flying to Virginia last Christmas 2008. I was supposed to be visiting my family and what did I end up doing! I was trying to finish reading Twilight. On the flight back I had bought New Moon and I finished it by the time I flew back to Fresno. Well in 1 week I had finished the whole series. I am not sure when or how but I found out about and I have gone to that website everyday with excitement looking forward to see what the new posting was of. I am looking forward to The New Moon movie and am already daydreaming about the day I see it in theaters.

Elizabeth Ventura says:

I am anticipating New Moon because I’ve read the books and I fell in love with the first one and i know this one will be just as good or even better!!! I have a sister and cousin who are Twilight freaks! I would love to surprise them with these tickets thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caralyn says:

I’m not one to follow fads, but my sister strongly encouraged me to read Twilight. I read it in an evening and went out to purchase the rest of the series, the Twilight DVD and soundtrack the very next day. The books are so beautifully and thoughtfully written, and Twilight the movie translated very well from print to screen. I am so looking forward to seeing New Moon because I am anticipating how well this book is portrayed on screen and how the characters are developed!

Bart Downey says:

at age 72 I wish to check out this series being quite interested in various genre and this would offer another scope to a wonderful education.

Leanna says:

I want tickets because I would not have to stand in line on Thursday. I have tickets with seven of my girlfriends to see the midnight showing and we are planning on standing in line all day to get good seats. It would be great to win them!!

Beth says:

I would love to win these tickets and surprise my daughters with them. They’ve gone through hard times these last few months, it would be a wonderful way to “get away” from reality for a bit!!

Kim says:

I Love New Moon and really would like to not have to sit in line on Thursday…but I would still go on thursday…go team jacob :)

Tabitha Ramirez says:

I didn’t understand at first all the hype over this movie and books, I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t sleep at night so I picked up my 10 yr old daughters book collection, and then I was stuck I could not put it down. I seen the first movie Twilight and thought it really brought the movie to life for my eyes to see, so me and my daughter anticipate this next one for the satisfaction of finally bringing the New Moon book to life.

Cherelyn Willet says:

Twilight is the best thing to happen for English teachers since Harry Potter, only this one works for the older kids. If I won, I’d take my fellow teacher, Chelsea, who turned me on to the books.

Megan says:

I am looking forward to see how much it will relate to the book and what they cut out. I loved the series and hopefully this movie will be just as great as the book.

Belle says:

I am really looking forward to this movie! I have seen Twilight a million times and have read the books over and over! My son really wants to go to the midnight showing but I won’t let him because of school, so I am sure he would be “over the moon” to get to see New Moon before anyone else at the midnight showing! :o)

sharmaine whitten says:

I would absolutely LOVE to win the tickets to see New Moon because the saga has changed my entire life by giving me an escape to a fictional reality that is sooo addicting and relaxing. I am so excited about seeing this movie and would love to see it before the release date, my anticipation is growing by the minute!!! I would be so grateful to win these tickets!!

Isaac says:

My little brother is a huge Twilight fan. He has read all 4 books multiple times and has watched Twilight probably close to 100 times. He has been trying to get me hooked on it and I finally decided to watch it and I am so anxious to watch New Moon to see what happens next. I do not want to read the book so that it is suspense. This would be a huge suprise for him, I know it would be the greates experience for the both of us! Especially since he already has his Twilight/New Moon gear ready for the premier!

Lissa777 says:

Wow…I think I should be picked because I’m a newbie to the Twilight world! The Twilight Series didn’t appeal to me until my best friend made me watch it. Now I’m HOOKED! I even got my husband hooked too. I would like the tickets to take my best friend with me to thank her for MAKING me watch Twilight. We are both HUGE fans. We are so excited! Maybe we’ll be able to take our husbands too…

stwin says:

Free tickets are worth a shot. i know someone i could take that would really really love it if I won them. I liked the books. hoping this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Brian Murray says:

Rick,I’m kind of the adult male in my 2 nieces(12&14 yrs.old) lives since their “Papa” died a while back and am always in search of new oppurtunities to share time with them.They are both obsessed with the books and got me to watch the first movie with them(about ten times)when we were on a cruise during the summer and this would be a great oppurtunity to surprise them with a treat of a movie premier and evening together.Thanks for your consideration.

Miranda Tellez says:

I LOVE TWIGHLIGHT!!!! i have read all the books 5 times already! i need these tickets! agh love it! :) :) :):):):):):!!

Shannon says:

I remember seeing the first Twilight movie on the premiere date. It was so much fun being in the theater filled with people who were just as excited as me to see it. It was like a giant sleep over. I really hope that I can have just as much fun if I were to win the New Moon tickets!

Precious says:

Okay so here’s the deal, I REALLY want to go see New Moon!!! I read all the books in 2006 and I saw Twilight too!!! I am broke as a joke and I NEED THESE TICKETS!!!!!!!! THIS IS A RECESSION MAN, HAVE SOME MERCY ON THE POOR!!!!

Sofia says:

My little sisters birthday is on Tuesday and she has been waiting for this movie to come out since she watched the first one. I think that this would really make her happy and it would give us a chance to bond over a movie that we both want to watch

Brian Murray says:

Rick,my apologies…I’m losing track of time as my nieces have both gotten a year older since this summer and are 13 and 15.Thanks again.

Belle says:

I would love to be able to take my son to see the advance screening of this movie! We have watched Twilight over and over! He really wants to go to the midnight showing but I won’t let him because of school the next day. So he would be “over the moon” to get to see New Moon before anyone for the midnight showing! :o)

April Wood says:

I am aniticipating this movie as my daughter recently joined the Army and she is in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO… she loves this series and is dying to see the second installment that comes out and won’t be able to so it would be wonderful to see it and be able to tell her about it…

Christie Graham-Murdock says:

As a fan of the twilight books I am anticipating this movie as a way to see what I read come to life. With the first movie I was not impressed. I’m hoping that this will redeem the first and I’ll be satisfied like I am with the books.

Dede Moreno says:

I loved the books, and I heard the was in the making I was hoping it was as good as the book. And it was , it give my daughters a feel of what the stories are, as they would watch me read my book late at night when I was done with my day.
I would love to take my girls to see it , so they can say I went with my mom to see New Moon

Marsha Adams says:

My oldest daughter celebrates her 33rd birthday November 22nd, and would be so thrilled to receive these tickets. She has read all the books, seen all of the movies up to this point, and is an avid follower of vampire stories and movies that have been created in good taste. She appreciates the originality and manner in which this series has been written, making them a Fine Art. My daughter is a fifth grade elementary school teacher, and a very dedicated mother to my 3 young granddaughters, (1) three year old and twins 22 months. She deserves a night out.

Rikki Aidoo says:

I’m anticipating the movie because I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 books. It was intriquing to see it brought to life in the movie Twilight and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do in New Moon since there was a change of directors. Even more so, I thought they picked the cast to play the Cullens very well and Bella and it will be a treat to see how well they picked actors to play the Voultri and Werewolves. There’s just so much to look forward to, that it’s hard to articulate it all!

Nang says:

The story in itself is sweet. Twilight was endearing. I would like to see what New Moon brings. A good book/movie can invoke feelings and emotions from years ago. That’s what Twilight did for me. And now I’m anxiously waiting for New Moon. I can only hope to be so lucky. Fingers crossed.

Shelly says:

I’m anticipating this movie because the saga is so good. And who doesn’t need a little escape time from the real world these days! It would be great to win.

bj says:

cuz i never win anything ;0

r. rivera says:

I’ve read the book now can’t tooo long to see the movie!!! Better then H.P. by far……….

Well for starters November 18th is my sisters birthday so that’d be the coolest gift ever. We had already planned on going to the midnight showing on the 20th to celebrate her bday and the best series ever. My sister and I read all 4 books in less then 30 days we r such fans its not even funny. Seeing New Moon a couple days before it actually comes out and on her bday would mean so much for my sister and I.

I am looking forward to New Moon, because let’s be honest, Twilight was a COMEDY GOLDMINE! Using Edward and Bella as my background straight man, I had my friends ROLLING in the aisles with my jokes. Vampires, werewolves and teenage angst, all are just ripe with comedy goodness, and I am confident that New Moon will deliver the goods!

Mara Ventura says:

I am anticipating the movie because I am fool for a love story. I am interested to see “on screen� how the relationship between Bella and Edward progresses with Jacob in the picture. I did read that Edward would have to leave Bella, which I think is heart breaking. My 13-year-old daughter is also a fan and the one that got me interested in Twilight.

Ashley says:

I should win the tickets because I


the twilight series!!
I read all the books and even part of the 5th
book where it’s twilight but in Edwards point of view!I have been waiting and anticipating for New Moon to come since right after I heard it was coming out! I’m am so desperate to see it.I love Twilight so much..I have watched it over and over again and I am still in love with it. I can’t wait to see New Moon, literally I can’t!!
Thats all i’ve been talking about for the past weeks. Whenever I see the trailers or posters for New Moon I get really sad because I want to go see it now…So please pick me to win the movie tickets i would be very happy :) pleeeaseee!!!

Jim Stempien says:

I am a proud father of a ten year old girl who is infatuated with the Twilight cast. Gabriella and her friends are eagerly anticipating the release of New Moon. If I was fortunate to recieve the tickets and take her to the advanced screenig, I am preaty sure I will make the greatest father in the world list!

Dez says:

My daughter got me hooked on this series and it takes a lot for me to get hooked on any kind of book series oh yeah and Im TEAM EDWARD!

Crystal Ramirez says:

My Mom, my self and my daughter are hugh Twilight fans. My mom has been going through a lot lately after losing her house, and having a vehicle that doesn’t work any more. My daughter has had trouble in school and is just now starting to do well. I know how bad they want to go including my self. I would love to do something for them. Since we don’t really have the money to go on our own. I thought that this would be a way to try my luck and see if this could be our lucky break. Thank you so much for even considering us.

Cha Cha says:

I enjoy the book and the movie. I have all the book and finish reading it. I just can wait to see the movie. The book new moon is very good and get lot of good detail. I saw Twilight and now can wait for New Moon.

Kim says:

I love the books and the first movie was good. From the trailer, it looks like this movie will be even better than the first. I can’t wait!


I absolutely loved reading the books and I’m a big fan of this series. It would be great to see the preview!

Karen Wemett says:

I am looking forward to New Moon because the first movie was so good. The book “New Moon” was a wonderful read but can’t wait to see it on the movie screen. I got hooked on reading the series and got my daughter who didn’t want to read it “because of the vampires” hooked also. We are always looking it up an you tube and any thing that we can check it out on.

Blanca says:

I’ve never looked forward to any other movie as much a I have with New Moon! I never understood what all the hype was about until
I actually sat down and started reading the books. I get chills everytime I see a preview! I am soooo excited and I think I’d probably die of happiness if I won premier tickets.


My granddaughter has read the book and is so hooked on the movie she has covered all her room in posters. Which to me is a little creepy , but its what she likes. It would be nice to win some tickets and surprise her and spend an evening out enjoying a movie and her company.

Debra Goodman says:

I am anticipating this movie because I have been a Vampire fan since the 1960′s-Barnabas Collins on “Dark Shadows”. However, my all time favorite vampire is “David” from “The Lost Boys”, played by Kiefer Sutherland (talk about a sexy vampire!!!). I got to meet Kiefer about 4 years ago, and was disappointed he wasn’t a real vampire (Just kidding!!!). Actually, I NEED to see this movie before the kids do, as I’m a high school teacher and need to be “one step ahead” of my students. Thank you for the opportunity.



Kevin G says:

I would like to get tix for the sneak preview so I can impress my girlfriend and score points

stephanie genera says:

i and so excited to see this movie. I have three daughter(kayla 16, deidra 12, and taylor 8) that are in love with taylor L. since he was shark boy!!!He is so handsome!! We have all watch the first one about 100 times and are dieing to see the second!! Please pick us, we would be so happy!!!! thanks for the approtunity!!

David Bakler says:

First off I am not a twilight fan, but my wife is. All she does is talk about the new movie that will be coming out on Thursday…. ohhh ahhh… why should I get the tickets? So my wife can take me so I can finally see what all the hype is about.

Jessica Scholar says:

I was having a hard time getting into the thought of reading this book, but my best friend pushed and pushed and I finally gave in. Wow was I surprised!! This saga whirled me away into a beautiful world of love and craziness…..and the more I read it, the more it made me feel like a teenager again. I read all four book in four days. This movie has brought me and my best friend of 20 years closer together. It has also gotten me closer to my sister and my best friends sister. We started a book club because of our love for these books and it would just be sooooo awesome to be able to see this movie with them! It would mean the world.

Don McQuown says:

I have a free night. Would enjoy a good time at the movies.

daddyo says:

Will be a great b-day gift for my little 12 year old girl. How weird is this, I’m actually excited to see New Moon!

Jamie says:

I’m extremely excited for the release of New Moon! I’ve read all of the books and New Moon is my favorite of the saga. I’ve been looking forward to Novemeber 20th since I heard the release date and if I could even see it two days sooner would be amazing! :)

Kristen Sims says:

SIGH,OH SIGH, My sister promised to go see New Moon with me and now she is anti-Twilight. Sure I should have expected this from her….Fresno Bee…you wouldn’t let me down….:(

Tina Tindal says:

I’m anticipating the New Moon movie because as a teenager, I enjoyed vampire movies such as Lost Boys. My now teenage daughter and I share the love of vampire movies and chick flicks. Her father died when she was 10 and was a firefighter and he loved vampire movies as well. It would be so awesome for us to go together to see the movie before the rest of the public…kind of like a present from daddy!

Alyssa says:

I am so excited to see New Moon! I read all 4 books and am obsessed with all things Twilight. I haven’t had the greatest luck lately, so getting to see New Moon early would make my year! Choose Me! Choose Me!!!

Spring says:

When I started working in a certain job position in February of this year, I felt pretty alone and didn’t really fit in as I would have liked. I met a co-worker and one day we started talking about Twilight. She was a big fan already and I had just become one of the books. Because of that one thing we found to talk about, I got to know someone that has become a really good friend and who I have a lot of respect for. We have been able to find our inner teenage girl because of Edward (!) and we have found that we aren’t ashamed of it!!! I would love to take my friend to see this because she’s the one who took the time to get to know me and I know that we both would be holding our breaths and sighing at the same time!

Melody says:

My boyfriend has an intrest into the study of vampires. We watched the movie “Twilight” and have been anxiously waiting for the “New Moon” to come out to follow on what is to come in the next episode of the storyline. We would like to be a part of the selected few to watch the private screening of the movie. To enjoy the intense theatrical roles of each characters.

John says:

My gf loves the books. Practically obessed. Me not so much, but if I won the tickets I would take her and she would greatly appreciate that

Kendall M says:

I’ve been a fan of the book series since I finished the last Harry Potter book. Though it is not the highest level of writing, there is something about the books that captivate their audiences making it impossible to put them down. When I first heard that they were making the books into movies I was estactic. Last year I saw the midnight showing of Twilight with friends, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what they did for New Moon! With the bigger budget I’m hoping the special effects turn out better than in Twilight, and I cannot wait to see how they manage all the werewolf transformations! Though of course the movie won’t be anywhere near as good as the book, seeing the sneak preview before the movie actually comes to theaters would be an AMAZING opportunity!

Dawn Williams says:

I’d really love to win these tickets and be able to say HA-HA to my 22 year old daughter who got not only me but her friends and family (me and her Aunt Robbie) hooked on the saga! She has tickets to the midnight showing but as I have to get up for work at 4:45 am, I am unable to attend. I have read all 4 books and just hate the fact it takes so long to make each movie! So………….my fingers are crossed and “yes” I will invite my daughter to go if I should win but not before I tease her about taking “a friend” first!

Leslie says:

I what Tina Tindal to win the tickets. Her daughter really deserves to go see this as much as I would like to go with my daughter also.

Stacy K. says:

My daughters got me into the books first, and now they absolutely can’t wait for New Moon. Tickets to a sneak preview would be the best early birthday present I could give them!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

sarah says:

Please!!!! I would love to get these tickets!!! Twilight, is an awesome series and I’m dying to see the movie.

Hay says:

Omg!!! This is so exciting!!!! Beehive you have done it again! You alaways give out great tickets and prizes! Please randomly select me to win these tickets!! LOL:) I am a BIG, LARGE, HUGE, twilight fan, and i never win anything. LOL. Make my day and make me smile with a pair of advanced tickets for “New Moon” PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. The smiley faces command you.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)!!

Hay says:

Just like to mention you should randomly pick me.
Please please PLEASE!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))) I may just burst with joyness if i win these tickets!!! :D

Hay says:

Forgot to say, that these books helped me get over my fear of vampires. I was always really afraid of them for no apparent reason what so ever. hahahha. Yes its kind of lame, but it made a big diffrence in my life. I am no longer afraid of vampires lurking to kill me. hahahhaha PICK ME!!!

Kathy Pippig says:

I loved the books. The previews for the new movie look phenomenal and it is exciting getting an opportunity to see the movie sooner than the release date. Knowing the theater will be filled with other like-minded fans makes for a richer experience and the shared enthusiasm heightens the ejoyment.

Phil says:

I can’t pass up a free movie.

sylvia says:

I am anticipating this movie, because this movie gave me back my imagination and brought some faith in love, and romance. something i forgot about.



RAWAN says:

PLZ PLZ PICK ME I AM A DEDICATED FAN , i wear twilight and new moon shirts everday :)
i am absolutely OBBSESSED :)
plz and THANKYOU critic guy

Richard Sweeney says:

Many of my friends have read the books and loved them! I’d love to watch the movie, so that I can properly join in the conversations of the movie.

Diana Badalova says:

One of my favorite books from the Twilight Saga. New Moon was awesome!

Estefania Salgado says:

Hello, I am not sure how I can explain to you how obsessed and how in love I am with Stephenie Meyer’s creation. I cannot even fathom now how I did not read them sooner or hear about them. It started the summer of 2008 my friend told me to read them and I automatically fell hopelessly in love with the author’s work. It took me four days to finish the series, I could not sleep without knowing the end. I am still hungry for more books. I was disappointed when I heard Stephenie couldn’t release the Midnight Sun since someone had leaked it. My mother even started reading it since I was such a fan and she enjoyed it as well. These novels are a great read for any age especially for females. My friends even started reading it because of how much I was dedicated to Meyer’s work. The girls even created a phenomenon in our small school, we were all reading this series and we all loved it. I was so in love with Meyer’s novels I have read them over and over, however I even emulated her as an author for my AP English class my senior year of 2008-2009. At the end of the year we gathered together as a class and had dinner as if we were our authors. I even tried to contact Stephenie, in order for her to be my guest and judge how I did, through her brother, Seth but she is a very busy woman. It was an easy author to emulate because I had read all of her novels and know them rather well. I relished her characters especially Edward. I am not in denial with my obsession for these fiction books or anything related to this series. Last year I saw my first midnight premiere and it was Twilight, it astounded me with its own story line that was similar to the book but still its own version. Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase tickets for this premiere which is why I would really like to win these tickets! I am a devoted fan who really wants to see this movie! I have been counting down the days until it comes out. I tried getting tickets from y101 at 5 AM, yet was unsuccessful. I have even entered in the contests by Ryan Secreast, TeenVogue, & Volvo for seeing the premiere on Monday. I must see this movie. Thank you for giving out these tickets and I hope I win. If not I still thank you for the opportunity.

Estee says:

I really want to win this contest!!! I would literally jump up and down if I got to see the premiere for Fresno!!!

Bella says:

Omg! My whole family loves these movies!!! Especially my sister and mom, we are all obsessed!

Estie says:

Hi, I want my sister to win these tickets because she totally deserves them. She loves this series of books and movies!!!

Renee says:

This series of books are mine and my daughters favorite read. They have given us great times bonding with something we all relate to. I would love to win tickets so that we can continue to share the love of Twilight!

Renee says:

This series of books are mine and my daughters favorite read. They have given us great times bonding with something we all relate to. I would love to win tickets so that we can continue to share the love of Twilight!

Mari says:

My daughter and I are HUGE fans of the Twilight series. Reading the series together was a great experience, because it really brought us together.(Although she has read them at least 30 times over since then) My daughter’s 13th birthday is two days after New Moon premiers, and so far the only thing she has asked for as a birthday gift are New Moon tickets. An early screening would be the BEST birthday gift she could receive, hands down! (Talk about a memorable present!) I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope we are one of the lucky winners!

Kaylynn Conant says:

Save me! Let them daughters win these tickets!
They are very unhappy with me for not buying tickets to the midnight showing!
Both of my daughters have read the books multiple times.
Have already made New Moon T-shirts to wear.
Have attended 2 Twilight/New Moon parties in the last 3 weeks.
They are ready for New Moon?

LeeAnn says:

I would love the opportunity to see this movie with my daughter. It’s a great way to stay close with her by enjoying what she enjoys. She had an amazing teacher that introduced her to the series 4 years ago! She’s not one of these crazed teenagers but she did love the books and the first movie. It opened up a whole new topic on boys: Why we don’t let ourselves get obsessed with anyone and appropriate teenage behavior!

Maria R. says:

I am anticipating this movie because I’m a big fan and really want to be one of the first to see the movie. I’ve been waiting for months to see the movie.

Rachel says:

New Moon is going to be more enjoyable and exciting then the Twilight film. A new director has changed the looks of the Cullen’s to make them more realistic to the descriptions of the books as well as the shootings of the scenes. I am anticipating this movie will create the sexual tension between Bella and Jacob while explaining the heartache Bella feels for Edward. How are they going to intertwine Edward into the beginning of the movie? We all know we love Edward but Jacob’s new image may be swaying my attention to his chiselled chest. I excited to see the choices the director made in choosing his scenes, shots, and characters that will make me fall in love with the movies like I did the books. Anyway, everyone enjoy the film! Good luck and have fun!

Michelle Garrett says:

I want to win because me and my 13 year old daughter are so fans of these books and movie, It is also time for us to bond and spend quality time with my daughter. Please we have ahd a terrible few weeks our house has been robbed and our favorite dog was killed by the persons respobile for robbing house, who by the way our landlords grandkids. I was trying to find a way to make us forget about our problems for a few hours.

I have to win these tickets because i literally fell in love with Twilight a month ago after my friend let me borrow her Twilight movie and after that I rushed to the store and bought the book new moon and the first one Twilight and read them both in 2 days!! my eyes were glued to the pages and now Im anticipating the New Moon Movie because the book was AWESOME and the previews are AWESOME!! and i should get credit for reading that many books with that many pages in just two days!!!
Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!!!!!! =D

Lourdes Fernandez says:

I fell in love with Twilight four years ago when I first read the book. I was so happy when it was turned into a movie. Now that the second movie is coming out I want to see it really bad so I would love to see it before the release date. Please!!! With Edward body glitter on top. I would be forever grateful.

Amanda says:

I anticipate seeing the movie because I have read all the books and love them. I loved Twilight and I can’t wait to see New Moon. I wasn’t going to buy midnight showing tix because I have to work the next day and I want to be responsible, but now I am regretting that decision because I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!! BUT, if it is at 7:00 I can go and still be responsible!!! :) Enjoy the show everybody!! Blessings!

Stacey says:

I am anticipating the movie because the books are so good. My daughter and I have read all four books. She read them first, of course, and then got me to read them. I wanted to take her to the midnight showing but apparently they’re all sold out? At least that’s what I hear. We’ll go together to see the movie as soon as we can, however I would be the greatest mom ever if we went to see the movie a day or so before everyone else. Hopefully I’ll win, otherwise congrats to those who do, everyone have a great time!

Bella says:

From one Bella to another, I would like to see our activities on the screen!

Ambrosia says:

My daughter and I are huge fans!!!!! We have read all 4 books and can’t wait to see the movie!! It would be a great birthday present for my daughter! Thanks for the opprotunity!!

Jenkins says:

i would like to win these tickets so i can take my fiance to see it, she is so excited to see this movie and i would like to see her excitement if i won the tickets.

Whitten says:

i would like to win these tickets because i am a HUGE fan and i would also like to be one of the first one’s to see it. my anticipation is growing by the second and i am so excited!

Tanya says:

Trying to win these tickets through the radio is slim to none! I am so thankful that the Fresno Bee is promoting this movie. I really hope i win tickets to this premier. Winning this for me would be like winning the lottery.

Keri says:

I am looking forward to seeing this movie because I loved the books so much. My fiance didn’t read the books but was willing to go see the movie with me and actually enjoyed it. When we walked out of the theater he asked me when the next one was coming out. So we’re both looking forward to seeing New Moon and would love to see it early!

Frankie says:

My fiance read all the books and she is really excited that the movie is coming out, I know it would make her very happy to see the Fresno premier.

Nathasia says:

The Twilight saga of books are the only books me and my three sister all read. WE are very excited that the movie is coming out and i would be sooooo happy if I won tickets.

Veronica says:

I can’t wait to see the movie, and i really hope i win. I would love to win a set of premier tickets for me and my sister.

Veronica says:

My younger sister read all the books and she loved the first movie. She is moving back to Illinois and i would love to take her to see this movie before she leaves.

Jennifer says:

I should win tickets because up until two months ago I was supposed to be at the midnight premiere with one of my good friends of over 12 years. We had a misunderstanding and a fight and she informed me that going to the premiere would no longer work as she no longer wanted my friendship.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed the first movie (plus he’s read the first book and I’ve read all of them) which I watched on DVD with him and would very much like to see this movie together. He has been my saving grace in the end of this friendship with someone I once considered to be my best friend and I’ve been suffering much the way someone does when you deal with the grief of an end of a relationship. I would like to take him with me to this premiere. He’s willing to pay for my ticket to see this movie opening weekend and has been saving money to do so. We’re both currently out of work but we do what we can with what have. I am also in school on top of all this. I would really like to go to this premiere please.

mari says:

ok so I would love to get tickets. my sister is an avid fan and i know she would love to go… she might be even be willing to trade in her firstborn for the privelege of seeing it before it opens to the public.

maria says:

sign me up! I want to see it before it opens!

Wayne says:

I am a Twilight fan and the father of a devoted Twilight fanatic! My daughter is semi-obsessed with the entire Twilight Saga cast! I have a busy schedule because I own my own business. Sometimes it is hard for my kids to come first. I would drop everything on Nov 18th just to be able to see my daughter’s face light up when I tell her a have tickets to an early screening of New Moon! That would make her feel like #1!

Thanks, from a Father and a Twilight Fan.

Jason Moss says:

I am acually doing this for my wife and step-son. My wife is a huge Twilight fan. She needs this right now. So I hope I win!

swjj02 says:

i am a huge fan of the saga and for a little while it actually changed my life by giving me an escape from reality. i am so excited to see New Moon and would like to see it before any of my friends :-)

DMK says:

My daughter is a big fan of this series. It would be really fun to take her!

Treva Lee says:

My daughter and her friends will be hounding me from it’s release until vacation school time to go see this movie! At least it got them interested in reading books instead of just watching videos!

Tracy says:

Hum… randomly select me….

Nathasia says:

I loved the books and i really want to see the movie.

Wes says:

I’m anticipating new moon because I believe this movie will have more action than the previous one. Plus the movie will have a different feel because of a new director and the wolf transformation look very cool! I hope I get tix for this movie.

Tess says:

This movie will be exciting I can’t wait and I hope I get tickets for this. The trailers look awesome!!!

Daniel says:

My wife loved the books, so I would like to win tickets to take her to see the movie.

tugsy says:

I hope New Moon will be better than Twilight. When watching the trailers it seems there is going to be a lot more action than twilight and this is what I’m anticipating.

Tiffany says:

Edward. Need I say more?

Wes says:

New Moon is going to be awesome please pick me!!!

Wes says:

I love reading the twilight series books and I hope the film is going to be better!!

Tugsy says:

Everyone is going to see this movie for sure!!

Wes says:

I am anticipating all the action between the vampires and the werewolves. I hope this film will do justice I’m sooo excited!!!

Tugsy says:

I wanna get tickets for this movie so I can bring a date hopefully and also excited about all the hype about this movie!!

Danielle says:

I’m a huge fan of the saga and would love to win!!

Shelly says:

I would love to win tickets to New Moon. I have read all the books and I have actually got all of my co-workers to read the series and everyone of them absolutely loves the saga. What a great way to unwind after work if we went to the pre-screening. I hope I win!

The Other Grandma says:

I am the “other” grandma (paternal) of two teenage granddaughters and am not included in their family life as much as their maternal grandmother. They are huge fans of Twilight (one became an avid reader after being introduced to the books) and I would love to give them something special.

brandy bascom says:

I am excited to see the movie because my 11 year old niece got into the books and I have already read them all now I am just waiting for the movie and would like to see the advance screening!!!!

Veronica says:

I’d love to win the tickets for my 12 year old daughter and myself. She loved the first movie. She seen it six times. For her birthday I bought her the directors handbook to the movie, she was sooo intrigued. It was once hard to get her to pick up a book and just read for leisure. Now she is obsessed with Twilight books and any other vampire books she comes across. We are both excited that Taylor L. has a bigger role this movie. We can’t wait, 1 week to go!

Justine Giacalone says:

I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!! It is by far one of the best series ever. .I have bben in love witht he series way before the movies wer even discussed and i am the biggest fan. .I am anticipating the wolves and the absence of Edward he is such a big part of Bella and without him she is dead. . I love these movies. .Chris Weitz is amazing and he has taken the saga to a whole new level!

Marquita Orosco says:

I would love the chance to see the premier. I actually watched the movie before I started reading the books. I loved the movie and had to read what was yet to come. I love reading the books cause I can see the actors faces when I read. Im now a huge fan. Saw the sweet tarts candy with the characters on them bought all three. Have my shirt ready for to go watch the movie. My backround on Myspace is new moon. Can’t wait to see New Moon. Team Edward!!!!

Connie Work says:

The books started a sweet storm through our little community. Several of us read the first book separately not knowing the other had read it, then at a party several of us found out the other was reading the book. In a mtter of days we were all hooked. I am sure this is a common thread, the difference in our group is that it transcends several generations and includes, moms and daughters and teachers and students that all reconnected over these wonderful books. Now there is this wonderful group that just can’t wait for the next addition to the films.

Rick Muao says:

My daughter loves the books, movie and her room is covered in posters from the first movie! I watched the first movie with her and now we can’t wait to see the second one together and see what happens! Plus once my daughter see the New Moon she wants to start to read the Eclipse book waiting for her on her nightstand…she doesn’t want to get to far ahead and find out something to soon…..

Cashnmama says:

Our family caught Twilight fever after the first book. It got worse after reading each book in the series. Next we read Midnight Sun online.

The anticipation for Twilight was almost unbearable -so we thought! Now . . . New Moon. We have reread it and are, at the very least said, “anxiously waiting.” What more can I say?!!!

sucks says:

too bad i lost. im actually sad. :(

rosemary sambrano says:

i would love to see twilight moon i just seen the first movie now i am excited to see the second one all my cousin are big fans so i would love to join them.

herman wiley says:

i think this movie is going to good better then the first one my wife took me to see the first one and i enjoyed it so im excited to see twilight moon i would love to win that way i can take her for bithday i didnt buy her anything

KK says:

I am anticipating because I am a huge twi-holic and I even went to the midnight release party last year. I went to Carver Cafe, Vernonia, The place they filmed the prom scene and well, just about everywhere they filmed new moon!!!

Loren C. says:

I would love to surprise both of my Daughters with tickets to Twilight New Moon; both my 12 year old and 17 year old enjoy the series and are restlessly looking forward to this movie. This will definitely win me brownie points and will make me very happy as a Mom to surprise them with these tickets. It is also nice to see these girls enjoy something together. I hope to WIN!

Stanley says:

I am a huge vampire movie fan, and when twilight came out part one I went to see it in theaters. Not expecting that I would like it, it had a really good story line and left for more to come. If I were able to see New Moon before it hit theaters that would end 2009 with a bang.

Don Reid says:

I love the saga too. I have read all the books and loved them. I would give my right arm for some tickets. I am a huge sucker for vanpire movies

Michelle Tatham says:

PICK ME!! PICK ME!! I cannot believe I’m writing this email, I’ve been watching all the ReelsChannel Twlight:Spot Light thinking all those fans are nuts. Secretly, I’m one too. Seriously, I rented the Twilight movie about 6 months ago on a whim and I loved it. It was one of the best and most creative romances I’ve seen in a long time. The only way to describe it is…simplistic, true love knows no bounds.

PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! Please.

Thanks, Michelle Tatham.

Lisa says:

My daughter would really love to see this movie. This past summer her softball team went to Nationals in the state of Washington. On the way she made us drive to the cafe in Oregon where Bella ate with her Dad. She took pics of the cafe and met the cook that was in the movie. On the way home we drove 8 hours of winding road to visit Forks where some of the movie was shot including the High School and some of the characters homes. Bella’s red truck and the Twilight gift shop were her highlights of the trip.

Ari says:

I 100% have loved twilight since the first tme i picked up the black book with the apple on it… Edward from that point on has been the picture that came to mind when i thought of a perfect boyfriend. I first saw twilight on a double date with my best friend and i remember thinking to myself how much better a boyfriend edward was than mine. Right after the movie i broke up with my boyfriend. Ever since that day ive been waiting and waiting for new moon to coem out, because i feel like its finally my second date with edward, and im so excited to follow his story <3

Monique Salem says:

I soooo badly want to see this movie!

i started reading the books at a bad time in my life and somehow, they seemed to brighten me up. I didn’t have a chance to get tickets for the midnight becuase everything is sold out.

I have gone to Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles in Washington and i think that shows dedication!

I really want these tickets!!!!! :)

Lupita Ochoa says:

I am so excited for this movie to come out. My sister, niece and I are huge fans! I have been trying to get tickets for all of since our birthdays are near each other. My sister, who is not a big reader, decided to read all four books! I would love to surprise these girls with these tickets!

Stephanie says:

I am 13 yrs old and I dont have much. I read all the books by checking them out here at the library and the only way i got to watch twighlight is because my bff bought it and i watched it at her house. i love twighlight and my step sister and step cousin shove it in my face cause they get to go to see it next saturday and it is not fair at all!!!! My family (me, my mom, my stepdad, one of my stepsisters, and my step brother) had to move fom our apt cause it got shot up! so now we live with my step aunt, step uncle, and my 2 step cousins! I really want theese tickets and i have never been to the movies before! so going for the first time and for free to watch a movie i want to watch would be perfect! Please!!!!

ugg says:

I believe someone desires to become v isited in h is sleep by the ghost of Paul Rand so he can see the error of h is methods.