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Weekend pick: NOCO’s ‘Summer Soire’

My Beehive colleague Joshua Tehee already flagged this as one of his “5 Things You Should Do This Weekend,” but I wanted to give it an extra boost.

It’s exciting to see collaborations between local arts organizations. And this Sunday’s “Summer Soire” at the Fresno Art Museum, featuring the Fresno Dance Collective (NOCO) and a string quartet representing the Fresno Philharmonic, sounds especially refreshing.

The Bee’s Sharon Martin writes about the event in Friday’s 7 section cover story:

The event, at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at the Fresno Art Museum, 2233 N. First St., features aerial and contemporary dancers paired with live music from the Fresno Philharmonic string quartet. The quartet will perform Kevin Volans’ String Quartet No. 1, “White Man Sleeps.” This is the first time the Fresno Dance Collective and the Fresno Philharmonic have worked together.

The dance will feature aerialists both inside and outside the Fresno Art Museum. Performances include two aerial duets, two dance solos, one duet dance, one trio dance and one group dance.

I’m looking forward to it.

Pictured: Jackie Aldern of NOCO. Bee photo by Craig Kohlruss.

Responses to "Weekend pick: NOCO’s ‘Summer Soire’"

Michael Torres says:

$75 for a NOCO is a No-go. Why is everything publicized about this event “forgetting” to mention the pricing?

Cynthia Reynoso says:

The show was $50 pre-sale/$75 at the door. It was beyond sold-out. All details were available on NoCo’s website ( or on their Facebook page. They also mailed out notices to all those on their mailing list, and 3emails were sent out to their email list. Get on the NoCo list!!

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