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Josh Thomas heart of ‘Please Like Me’

Josh Thomas had some major concerns when he first met with executives from the cable channel Pivot about moving his Australian TV series, “Please Like Me,” to an American market. In a very colorful way he explains that his chief concern was that they might engage him in sexual relations. (Don’t make me spell it out.)

They didn’t.

“They’re just really lovely. They sort of let me do whatever we like. We film it in Australia. They have notes, which we listen to, sometimes. And if I say to them no, I really think this is better, they’re just quite cool about it,” Thomas says. “They’re quite comfortable with the facts that they came into the season six episodes. We’d already made six episodes that they really liked and have never tried to interfere.

“There’s been a few kind of interesting cultural things with your country and our country. You guys don’t know what thrush is. I found that out on a very awkward conference call. It’s a yeast infection. And we had to have a lengthy script process trying to figure out an alternative for that. Otherwise, I think the scripts are exactly the same as they would have been, and we filmed it exactly the same as we did Season 1, just with slightly more money, which is nice.”

Thomas stars in and writes the show about a young man who just wants to get through the day without upsetting anyone. The second season has just started airing at 10:30 p.m. Fridays on AT&T U-verse channel 1492, DirecTV channel 267 and DISH channel 197. A third season has been ordered.

Pivot is aimed at those born between the early ‘80s and 2000s. But, Thomas says his series is not intended directly for that group.

“I’m interested in making a TV show that I’d like to watch. And coincidentally, that is, hopefully, what other people my age want to watch. So I’m quite interested in older people. I’m quite interested in my parents. They’re a big part of the show because people my age have to deal with their parents, “ Thomas says. “I’m not only interested in other 26 year olds.

“In reality most young people aren’t watching just MTV. They’re watching the same shows that 40 year olds are watching. Like a lot of my friends like ‘Downton Abbey.’ Even though there’s no 19 year olds in it taking their clothes off, they’re still happy with that.”

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