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Hats off to ‘Beach Blanket Babylon’

If you want the full San Francisco experience, you’ve got to do “Beach Blanket Babylon” at least once. It’s an institution. For 40 years, the wacky musical revue has been cracking up locals and tourists with its changing political and pop-culture references, wild costumes and enormous hats.

In my Sunday Spotlight column, I caught up with Tammy Nelson — who’s been in the show for more than 20 years — and talked to her about, among other things, wearing the famed San Francisco skyline hat (complete with Transamerica Pyramid) in the show’s finale. 

It weighs 300 pounds!

Also as part of my mini-San Francisco story package, I offer a museum exhibition recommendation: “Gorgeous” at the Asian Art Museum. The 72 eclectic artworks, from a decorated Qur’an from 16th-century Persia to Jeff Koons’ ceramic sculpture of “Michael Jackson and Bubbles,” span over 2,200 years and dozens of cultures.

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