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Role sounds right to Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon, who stars in the new feature film “The 100-Foot Journey,” grew up in Quebec. The film takes place in a small town in the south of France where her character works at a sous chef at a well known French restaurant.

The French spoken in Canada and France is not quite the same. She compares it to how Americans and the British both speak English. The basics are the same but there are plenty of differences.

Speaking French the way the French do for the movie was no problem for Le Bon as she’s been living in Paris for five years. During that time, her accent changed. It also helped that when she played Victoire Doutreleau in the film “Yves Saint Laurent,” she had to drop her Quebecois accent, because her character wasn’t Quebecois.

“And, my boyfriend is French Moroccan, so it was easy for me, too,” Le Bon says. “Just about practice, and being influentiable – can you say that? Influencable, c’est quoi? when you’re being …”


“Influenced, yeah,” Le Bon says.

There’s another big difference between France and Quebec according to Le Bon. France is known for its passion for food while Quebec isn’t. Le Bon would never cook a dish from Quebec if she was trying to impress someone.

“It would be really bad food. Food from Quebec is not known to be amazing. Even though you can eat really, really well in Montreal. It’s crazy, it’s one of the best cities I eat in. But, typical Quebec food is like food from people that works in the woods. It’s potatoes, and meat and sauce. So you don’t to impress people with that,” Le Bon says. “I do something that looks difficult, but it’s not really – like risotto and stuff like that.”


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