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Did They Just Say Fresno?: TMNT edition


The Fresno Grizzlies hit another home run (terrible cliche, I know) with this weekend’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle promotion night, which drew more than 10,000 fans to the Chuck.

Mike Oz has a nice recap of the event (with videos) up at Big League Stew.

The promotion did its job.

It got a fair share of press when it was announced back in March, and another round last week, including a mention from Keith Olbermann in a segment that also referenced “Sharknado 2,” which puts the Grizzlies in good company.

The event had serious cool factor (well, nerd-chic cool), with a retro lunch pail giveaway (first 2,000 in line), some awesome TMNT-inspired gear (the team had to re-up its t-shirt stock) and a number of fans using the game as an excuse for some cosplay (including the couple who got engaged).

Make no mistake, the Grizzlies have a history of these kinds promos and have shown a knack for feeling out (and many times being ahead of) pop-culture trends. Last year’s Mini Maker’s Faire comes to mind. Up next is the 4th Annual Taco Truck Throwdown, Aug. 14.

If you are at all interested in attending, you would do well to get a ticket package now.

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