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Bullard grad wins two Emmys


Congratulations to Bullard High graduate Marina Zenovich, who picked up two Emmys Saturday during the “2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.” The statues were for Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming and Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming.

What earned her the awards was her “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired,” a documentary about the infamous movie director. Polanski was found guilty in 1977 of having sex with Samantha Geimer, who at the time was 13. Zenovich spent five years collecting archival footage and doing interviews with the major players in the case that became a legal circus.

The movie was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008 and released theatrically in July of the same year. It became eligible for the TV awards because the documentary aired on HBO in June 2008.

Responses to "Bullard grad wins two Emmys"

johnnyQ says:

thanks for posting this.
now i wanna see it


Famous says:

This is a great documentary. Especially if you like Polanski (or his movies, whatever). Didn’t know there was a Fresno tie. Thanks for the info.

Janet says:

Hey Rick, you have been doing a fantastic job in covering a diverse amount of insider’s film & televison production news. Last year when you did a piece on the HBO Polanski documentary, my cousin and I tookyour advice! We subscribed to HBO for that 1 month in which Zenovich’s piece was premiering. It WAS well worth it, as the film archives and legal entanglements were amazing. It was also interesting to see the interviews with the victim today. Thanks so much for all you do in keeping tabs on the many local talents that have gone on to be so successful in their
pursuits in the entertainment industry.