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Haunting season is upon us

If you’re a Halloween addict and want to get the most out of the spookiest time of year, then you should know that many of our local haunted attractions are open as of this weekend.¬†Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Haunted Fresno: This downtown haunt features six attractions and tonight is opening night. Word is you can get free Monster energy drinks tonight. They’re also letting 100¬†underprivileged¬†kids in free tonight. Awww. Anyhow, hit up their site for more info, special nights, etc.
  • Raisin Hell Ranch: If haunted cornfields are your thing, then head to this three-attraction ranch in Madera. It’s open starting tonight. More info here.
  • The Grove: A Sanger staple in 13th year, The Grove opened last weekend. It features haunted attractions and has all makings of a spooky street fair, whether you’re looking for pumpkins or something to eat. Get all the details here.
  • Raven’s Gate: This newer haunted, located in Parlier, has an early-opening discount night on Saturday, then opens for its regular season next Thursday. It includes a haunted forest, hayride and more. Read up.

I’m not sure whether 5th Realm is open this year. It was supposed to move from Sierra Vista Mall to the Fresno Fairgrounds, but I haven’t heard anything and its website hasn’t been updated. I’ll update if I learn anything more.

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Christy says:

Thanks, been waiting for this “rundown”! :)

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