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Favorite foods from the Fresno Food Expo

The Fresno Food Expo was yesterday, with 126 specialty food producers showing off their locally made food and drink. They were hoping to catch the attention of the more than 700 buyers who attended and market themselves to the more than 1,000 people who attended the public portion of the event in the evening. You can read all about the expo and see a video here. I spent the day bombing Instagram with food photos and of course, trying out the food. There were some standouts, so here’s a few of my favorites and where to get them. And if you attended the food expo, please feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.

The Sarah’s Harvest fresh green chickpea hummus, particularly the roasted garlic and rosemary, was hands down the best thing I tasted all day.  It also comes in cilantro and spicy jalapeno flavor, and original recipe. This is a brand new product made by Sanger chickpea seller Califresh, so new it’s not in stores yet. They’re hoping some of the contacts they made at the Food Expo will lead to it being on store shelves. For now, you can get it at Grizzlies games during the Farm Grown Friday farmers market inside the stadium on Aug. 1, 15 and 29. The company recommends keeping on eye on this website to find out where you can get it in the future.

The Fig Garden tea from L.T. Sue Co.’s line of San Joaquin Valley Teas was another delicious one that I’ll cop to trying out twice. It’s a black tea with black mission figs and flowers that was served cold at the expo. L.T. Sue Co. is a Hanford company run by a delightful pair of people. The company has a great back story about preserving China Alley in Hanford. The line of teas tied with Casa de Tamales for the Buyers Choice award. You can get the tea at the shop in Hanford, at Peeve’s Public Market and online.

And then there were the Homegrown organic freeze-dried blueberries. Sounds a wee bit strange, right? They were surprisingly yummy. They are puffy little blueberries that crunch when you bite them, meant to be eaten as snack food (or whatever else you want to do with them). These are marketed by Strathmore-based Homegrown Farms. You can buy them at the local Sprouts supermarket, or at California Gourmet Company (formerly known as Bouquet of Fruits) at Bullard and West avenues.

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