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DIY: Butterfly garden

Office workers know how easy it is for time to fly by as we spend our summer days indoors. Sure, sitting in a windowless cubicle before the phosphorescent glow of a computer screen for eight hours is glamorous, but do you ever find yourself wishing you were in a meadow somewhere chasing butterflies?

Who says the office can’t be your own special meadow?

Next time you’re stuck with a late-night deadline, instead of cursing friends and coworkers enjoying themselves at the beer garden — you can format those TPS reports in the midst of your own cubicle butterfly garden. This project is not only cathartic, it’s simple! Even young kids can help.



What you’ll need:

- Butterfly coloring pages (available via Google search)
- Colorful marking pens
- Clear translucent cardstock (or velum paper)
- Scissors
- Tape

1) Select your butterfly coloring pages. Print them out.

2) Overlay 1 piece of translucent cardstock over the image.

3) Using a dark pen (I used black), trace the butterfly image.

4) Flip the paper over, and on the backside, color inside the lines. Why flip? It keeps the dark ink used for tracing from blending and running into the lighter,  colored ink.

5) Cut out the butterfly, and fold in half along the body. Use the tape to stick your butterflies wherever you want your butterfly garden: on your computer monitor, on your office window, in clusters along a wall for decor.


 BONUS: Name your butterflies and when people ask about them, share detailed stories about their very complicated lives. 


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