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Word sleuth: the local theater edition

How much theater is going on in Fresno this weekend and next? So much that we decided to take the titles of a bunch of local shows and turn them into their very own “Theater Sleuth” word search. It makes for a wonderful 7 cover:

Hat tip to Bee artist John Alvin, who dreamed up this cheery exercise. Here’s my 7 section theater roundup cover story.

Last night I got to see “West Side Story.” Tonight I’m dropping in on River City and “The Music Man.”

Two big plugs for continuing shows this weekend: “[title of show]“ at StageWorks Fresno (in its last weekend), and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at Artists’ Repertory Theatre (only two weekends left).

And be sure to check out Bee photographer Craig Kohlruss’ “West Side Story” photo gallery. He has some really nice images. 

Responses to "Word sleuth: the local theater edition"

Abigail Paxton says:

For a light hearted story, don’t miss Wonka Jr. Though the kids are younger, they have worked diligently to produce a play purely from imagination–and their talent will impress you!

Anna M says:

Small typo: River City is actually doing Hairspray (2 more weekends). Clovis Center Stage is doing Music Man.

Donald Munro says:

Actually, the town in Music Man is River City. Coincidentally, that happens to be the name of the Reedley company.

Anna M says:

Haha, of course! Shows you where my brain is (Baltimore). :-)

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