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Michael Jackson’s ties to the Lennon Sisters


One of the best episodes of “The Simpson” had Homer Simpson being sent to a mental institution. There, he became friends with a very large white man who said he was Michael Jackson.

When Simpson gets released, he invites Michael to come to his home for a visit. Michael ends up writing a song for Bart to sing to Lisa as her birthday gift.

Everybody: “Lisa it’s your birthday…”

It was a secret at the time Jackson did the voice and he was credited as John Jay Smith. Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa for two decades, says Jackson showed up at the recording session to work with the cast. She found him to be a rather shy person and a big fan of the show.

What you might not know was that it wasn’t Jackson who sang the birthday song. His record company would not allow him to do the tune.

“Michael hand picked the person to sing the song. It was this skinny little white guy who sounded just like him. Imagine the pressure of singing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson,” Smith said during breakfast. She had traveled to Pasadena to talk with TV critics about the 20th anniversary of her series.

That singer was Kipp Lennon. He is the younger brother of the female quartet The Lennon Sisters.

Responses to "Michael Jackson’s ties to the Lennon Sisters"

This was one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons ever. Thanks for posting this.

hilary says:

i always knew it was him! and i knew that it wasn’t him singing, too! this episode is also one of my favorites.