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Deli Delicious: Coming to a corner near you?

Fresno-based Deli Delicious is growing like crazy. It’s not actually crazy, but a well-thought-out expansion plan in which the Fresno company sells franchises of its sandwich shops all over California, neighboring states and eventually, the nation. You can read more about that and the immigrant family’s back story in the story that ran Saturday, but mostly I’m finding people just want to know if a Deli Delicious is going to open near them. There are 21 Deli Delicious locations open now between Bakersfield and Sacramento, and 14 more on the way. Details aren’t available on all of them yet, but here’s what we know.

Fresno: The first downtown Deli Delicious is scheduled to open this week at 970 N. St. It’s between Tulare and Kern streets.

Fresno: 6701 N. Milburn Ave., at southwest corner of Milburn and Herndon avenues,  near the EECU.

Fresno:  4012 W. Clinton Ave., Clinton and Brawley avenues.

Visalia: 5129 W. Walnut Ave. near the Supercuts and Akers.

Bakersfield: 9801 Hageman Road near Calloway Drive.

Responses to "Deli Delicious: Coming to a corner near you?"

Kenilyn3kids says:

I LOVE Deli Delicious, but especially the Clovis store at the southeast corner of Clovis and Herndon Avenues. If you want some meat on your sandwich, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Everything is very fresh, the staff is awesome, you can call in your order ahead of time, and the price if very reasonable. Also, if you look around, this store does have some great coupons out there!

Bob says:

Not sure what the big fuss is with this place. It’s just a sandwich store.

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