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Throwback Thursday: Minnesota Fats schooled by a Fresnan?

Sports Miln - MiqFound this Fresno Bee file photo of legendary pool shark Rudolf Wanderone, also known as Minnesota Fats, watching as a 14-year old Fresno kid named David McCray plays 8-ball against him at a Fresno department store in 1966. Minnesota Fats is a fictional name for a pool shark in Walter Tevis’s novel “The Hustler” but Wanderone apparently took the nickname as well. The caption of the photo says “The incessantly talking Fats quieted down for a second as David broke, then whipped him handily as about 300 watched…”

Responses to "Throwback Thursday: Minnesota Fats schooled by a Fresnan?"

Eric Eide says:

Nice bit of history…

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