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Ah, summer. It used to be that people took fantastic vacations, came home, waited to bump into friends at parties, and then shared a few select details about the big trip. Photos and slides, which were developed upon the return home, were actually seen by relatively few numbers of acquaintances until Christmas newsletter time.

Now, in our digital age, the summer vacation can unfold in real time. Which is good and bad. On one hand, it can make it harder to slow-boil through a 106-degree Fresno afternoon knowing that friends are enjoying a beer at a Parisian street cafe, say. On the other hand, it’s great to share in the fun.

When it comes to the above photo of Jackie Ryle, passionate advocate of the arts in Fresno, it just makes me smile to think of her shock of vivid hair slicing through the waters of Venice. What a trip! Good for her.

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