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Hidden Cash coming to Fresno

So you know Hidden Cash, the mysterious Twitter account user who has been hiding cash in cities around the world and inspiring frenzied displays of greed fun? Well, Hidden Cash is coming to Fresno. The millionaire real estate investor who is apparently behind Hidden Cash said this on Twitter this morning:

So far, he has left stacks of bills — often $50 and $100  – hidden inside plastic Angry Birds and other creative holders, while giving out clues to the location via the Hidden Cash Twitter and Facebook account. He also hinted at a big holiday weekend surprise this morning, but didn’t say where.

Responses to "Hidden Cash coming to Fresno"

Donald Munro says:

Perhaps it’s Tuesday, for Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel — I heard he put on a few extra ounces near the end of his career and then retired to Oakhurst

karma says:

they have confirmed it was a marmot,/monday (we were right!)

obvious cash (get a job) says:

if people put half as much effort into finding a job as they do looking for leftover cash… not only would they have more than 50$ but they would still have some dignity… (and they would also be able to hand out money to help the less fortunate… it feels great to give)

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