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The Breakfast Hut = Breakfast plus John Wayne and Elvis

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The BreakFast Hut owners Cheryl Dunton, special cardboard guest John Wayne and Carlos Castillo. That’s Sidney Pitre having some fun in the background.

The BreakFast Hut has been serving up breakfast burritos with a little help from John Wayne and Elvis for about a month now. The restaurant is at 915 Van Ness Ave., near Kern Street (in the spot that used to be a coffee shop and briefly a Guadalajara restaurant). It serves breakfast and lunch, so you can get a burger for breakfast or pancakes for lunch — or chicken and waffles any time. It’s open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. The owners have a background in breakfast. Both have owned The Waffle Shop on Blackstone Avenue and one of them still does.

Life-size cutouts of John Wayne or Elvis usually greet customers as they come in the door (figuratively, that is). John Wayne because the restaurant does country cooking and because the owners got too busy to finish the rest of the decor. When he got loaned to Warnors Theatre for their showing of the original “True Grit,” Elvis stepped in. It’s not unusual to see customers taking pictures with them. (During my visit I overheard a grandma say to her grandkids about John Wayne: “That’s grandma’s boyfriend.”)

If this makes you think the owners don’t life too seriously, you are correct. Chef/co-owner Carlos Castillo was giving me a fist bump within seconds of meeting him. And partner Cheryl Dunton is just chipper and friendly. You’ll find their kids working at the restaurant too, including 10-year-old Brandon, who has no problem chatting up customers.

Responses to "The Breakfast Hut = Breakfast plus John Wayne and Elvis"

Anna Austin says:

This a great place to eat GREAT FOOD and meet Great People and Cheryl is a Big Elvis fan… This is a place to eat and feel like your home with family and loved ones…

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