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Chuck Leonard is back on air.

Fans of Chuck Leonard, the unofficial mayor of the Tower District and host of the weekday television show “Central Valley Buzz,” no doubt noticed his absence over the past few weeks. Leonard took time off from the show to deal with a medical issue (which, if we can read between the hastags, was a stroke).

The show went on in his absence with Mike Scott and Mike Briggs sitting in as co-hosts, but Leonard returned this morning and seems to be back to his usual self (as unusual as that is).

Expect lots of #strokejokes in the next few weeks. In all seriousness,  I’m glad Chuck is doing well and back to work.

In full disclosure, I do a regular spot on the show Friday mornings.

Responses to "Chuck Leonard is back on air."

JJJJJ says:

Never heard of any of these bands but…

July 31 – Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center

Mike Scott says:

Joshua… As much fun as it was filling it for Chuck the past couple of weeks… we’re all glad he’s back! There’s no bigger supporter of everything Fresno, especially the Tower District. Chuck jokingly talks about running for mayor someday. I think he’d have a good shot of winning, regardless of the competition!

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