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Did they just say Fresno? Internet music video edition

Thanks to @HarmsWayChad for bringing this one to our attention. There’s a funny yet crass country music video on YouTube called “Keep Yer Hands Off My PBR” (as in Pabst Blue Ribbon the beer, not Professional Bull Riders) that mentions Fresno. Two bikini-clad ladies are in a hot tub gossiping about the new country-singing, rusty-truck-owning neighbor, Scuzz Twittly. Where is he from? “Probably like, Kentucky or Fresno,” says the high-maintenance lady.

Then, as you can see for yourself, the ladies and the Scuzz go on to create a music video together. (Just who Scuzz Twittly is isn’t clear. His bio — which describes him as the son of an “armpit fartist” — is a comical, fictional read.) Anyway, this video is definitely NSFW (seriously, prepare to see him in a banana hammock and for language that may offend).

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